BIS Mapper Patched + ressources

Official BIS Mapper patched

  1. Horusxav
    If you just need the patched Mapper without the complementary ressources : Download

    Installation :
    • Copy the "BIS mapper" folder anywhere you want
    • Open mapper2.cfg with any notepad and change all the "..." into your own path (for example : C:\games\Fallout2\) :
    - 49 :\sound\music\
    - 50 :\sound\music\
    - 62 : critter_dat=...critter.dat
    - 63 :
    - 70 : master_dat=...master.dat
    - 71 :
    (The numbers are the line numbers...)​
    • Open m2_res with any notepad and change 640 and 480 (the default resolution) to the resolution you want :
    • Now I suggest you check the "Updated source codes" folder and copy past the 1.02d codes in the BIS mapper\scripts folder (overwrite)
    • If you are further developing Killap's restoration project (2.3.3) : similarly copy past his codes and overwrite
    NB : check the "Documents" folder and essentially :
    NB : you don't need the "Installer & patchers" folder : it's only here if you'd want to install the mapper yourself :
    1. Run BIS mapper installer
    2. Patch the mapper with the F49+ city limit patch (don't patch fallout2.exe if you installed the RP or the Megamod)
    3. Run Mapper2_High_Resolution_Patch_3.0.2 (put everything in the mapper folder) and then run m2_res_patcher
    4. Make the adjustments to mapper2.cfg and m2_res

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  1. BIS Mapper patched + complementary ressources