Fallout 1/2 Critters Editor v.

Simple editor for critters *.pro files in Fallout 1 and Fallout 2

  1. FO1 First Aid skill bug fix

    - fixed: First Aid formula for FO1: FirstAid = 30 + (PE + IN)/2
    - for Gender there is a list: Male/Female against numbers
  2. Improvements

    - added: Critical Chance, Better Criticals, Gender (0 - Male, 1 - Female)
    - unlocked edition of parameters: Critter PID number and ID number
    - improved control of incorrectly entered values (red edit fields, blocking of incorrect values, etc.)
    - fixes of some minor bugs
  3. Bugs fixes

    - fixed calculation error for Skill parameters after switching to FO1/FO2 (thx to user Muttie for report this: Fallout 1/2 Critters Editor)
    - edition of any parameter will block the ability to switch FO1 / FO2 until you click the Save or Cancel button.
    - ALT button error has been fixed causing labels to disappear
    - change of the ZipForge component to Abbrevia Unzipper for unzipping pictures from...
  4. Update to newest version

    Update of the editor to newest version. It is working with pictures of critters packed in one file "frm_critters.zip".