Fallout 1 High-Res patch 4.1.8

This program modifies Fallout's game executable in memory to increase resolution and more

  1. Mash
    Currently Supported versions of the "Falloutw.exe" are:
    • US 1.1
    • TeamX Patch 1.2 (Executable included in TeamX's Fallout 1 patch)
    • Fallout Restoration Mod 1.2 (Executable included in Wasteland Ghost's Fallout 1 mod)
    • Polish 1.2
    • Fallout Collection (PC DVD) WHITE LABEL 1.2
    Version 4.1.8 Change log:
    • Fixed a bug that may cause a crash when restoring a maximized window after adjusting the 2X scaler.
    • Fixed a typo in Russian ScrnSet.msg translation - fix supplied by Drobovik
    • Fixed transitional fade not displaying from Main-menu to Load screen.
    • Replaced HALLDED.edg file, removing the angled edge obstructing the view to the North/East on the 2nd map level. - edge file supplied by Sduibek
    • Most features comparable to version 4.1.8 of the Fallout2 Hi-Res Patch.
    • Aditional features:
    • An option in the "f1_res.ini" to reduce CPU usage.
    • An option in the "f1_res.ini" to enable double-click running.(On by default)
    • The flickering screen fix is now always on and is not adjustable in the f1_res.ini.
    Vault-Tec Labs:
    Fallout1 High Resolution Patch info & change-log

Recent Reviews

  1. bero1331
    Version: 4.1.8
    makes the game run even better then when i first played it on windows 95. better graphics way less bug and crashing. couldn't ask for a better way to re-live a classic