Fallout 2: Weapons Redone 2.3d

The original and best combat overhaul out there.

    Version: 2.3d
    I'm not sure if this mod a pure troll or not, when I run the installer It will keep showing the condedscending "looks like I need to unpack my mod zip files to the same folder as FO2 exe" message( and I did extract the files to the FO2 folder) so pls tell me what im doing wrong. the installer keeps screwing with me with that flipping message despite what I do.
  2. Penitenziagite
    Version: 2.3d
    I like this mod a lot, it makes the game world more realistic, by making combat more deadly, increasing damage done by various attacks (no more bullet sponging) and limiting the amount of ammo available (optional) which is more like a post apocalypticy. It reminds me of mad max 2 (recalls the scene where mad max scrambles for his last remaining shotgun shell in the back of a vehicle)