Fallout DAT Explorer II v1.2.0 English

A new DAT file packer/unpacker for Fallout 1/2

  1. Lexx
    A utility for viewing the contents of DAT archive files for Fallout 1 and 2, as well as extracting and packing files into them.
    This is a replacement for the outdated DAT explorer 1.43 by Dims.

    • Can associate .dat files with the program (open them by double-click).
    • Support Drag&Drop files from/to the program for quick extraction or adding them to a .dat archive.
    • Search and open files in a .dat archive.
    • The file explorer for the root directory and the desktop is not updated automatically (requires a manual update with the F5 key) when using the Drag&Drop method in Windows 7 (and possibly Windows 10).
    • File compression for Fallout 1 DAT format is not supported.

    v1.2 Changelog:
    • Added a button for quick-saving a DAT file (Fallout 2 format only).
    • Added a dialog box to confirm overwriting files when extracting.
    • Fixed an error in accessing a shared temporary folder.
    • All tooltips have been translated into English.
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