Fallout Fixt - (Full / All fixes and mods) - [For GERMAN Fallout 1 release] 0.81a

The all-in-one mod that combines fixes and mods into one easy install

  1. Sduibek

    German users:

    Please note the German Uncut version does NOT include German language files! Fixt hasn't been translated into German yet by the community. I'd do it myself, but Ich sprechen nur ein bisschen Deutsch, nicht so gut.

    What is this file?

    FULL / CUSTOM install:

    280 MB to download, up to 700 MB installed (if all options selected)
    The same as the "Full Custom" Fixt package but for those with the German release of Fallout 1. This package restores censored cutscenes, all death animations, and removed sound effects.

    Available installation types:

    Fixes Only
    [Purist], Standard [Half-Purist], Full [Purists Not Allowed], Custom [Everything customizable].

    Goal of Fallout Fixt:
    To enhance, fix and improve the Fallout 1 experience. This includes fixing bugs, restoring features, modifying balance, adding features, and many fixes to text/dialog. In addition to that, all other available mods and patches are rolled into Fixt (see below), meaning that Fallout Fixt is the only thing needed for "the best" Fallout 1 experience. As of the most recent version, this mod fixes roughly 150 bugs still present in the unofficial patches, and adds roughly 170 features. In addition, there are hundreds if not thousands of text&dialog fixes.

    Major or "non-canon" changes to the game by Fallout Fixt are usually optional during installation. If such changes aren't optional at the moment, they will be made optional in a future release. If you notice things that are included that you think shouldn't be, send me an angry email. I will cry for hours due to my feelings being hurt, and then respectfully consider your opinions.

    These are all included with my mod; do NOT download or install them:

    - Official Interplay patches (1.1, 1.2)
    - TeamX patches (1.2, 1.21, 1.3.5)
    - No Children Fix
    - Cathedral Crash Fix (and other fixes by Sduibek for the Cathedral, Military Base and The Glow crashes)
    - Nimrod's Dialog Fixes
    - FreeSpace variable is set to 0 by default, so you won't have to worry about that crash either.

    - Fallout 1 Restoration Mod, version 1.0b1 [Created by Wasteland Ghost. Portions by Mynah, hamster, Wasteland Hellbringer.]
    --- Invasions are now entirely optional (including Necropolis), and invasion dates can be customized, anywhere from instant to 4x their default values.
    --- Deathclaw status is no longer linked, i.e. killing it on the world map or in the cave does not prevent it from appearing at the other.
    - Extended Flamer Attack Mod [Created by .Pixote.]
    - Endgame Mod [Created by Corpse]
    - TeamX NPCs 3.5
    - Sfall ddraw 1.19 (Timeslip & sfall team, + many improvements by Crafty)
    - hi-res patch [Created by Mash]

    - Weapon Drop Mod [Created by Josan12 and MIB88]
    --- Customizable distance values.
    - "Nixie Numbers" for GUI

    - Two tools that can be run before running FalloutW.exe (not made by me) are included in the [Fallout]\Scrambled Colors Fixes folder, to help with those experiencing color palette issues.

    - Fallout 1 official manual (PDF format, version you can get from GOG.com)