Lara Croft character 1.0

Your first prefab character is Lara Croft, she starts with her special .45 Magnum and magic backpack

  1. Risewild

    This mod makes your first prefab character Lara Croft, and she also has her special .45 Magnum and Magical Backpack along!
    It would take up a lot of space to write down every stat of Lara, but I will gladly show the benefits of her weapon and backpack:

    Modified .45 Magnum
    Damage: 25-50
    Magazine: 25
    Weight: 10
    Price: 15`000
    Range: 40
    Critical Chance: 25%
    AP to shoot: 3 (2 for Lara)
    Min ST: 5
    Min AG: 8
    Min IN: 9
    Min Small Guns: 75%

    And Magical Backpack gives you extra 9999999999 lbs of weight to carry.

    Author | Dark Raven (Martins Osis)
    Version | 1.0
    File size (zip) | 86,5kb (90`112 bytes on disk)
    Files size (on disk) | 215kb (253`952 bytes on disk)