M92FS Handguns Sprites Pack 2022-05-08

This pack contains sprites of real SMG, Pistols and Revolvers.

  1. Risewild
    M92FS Handguns Sprites Pack
    Author: M92FS

    This Handguns Sprites Pack is dedicated to OTB , JJ86 , Macbeth , Domin , Requiem for a Starfury , PaladinHeart , all FOT modders and finally all guns enthusiasts out there. Please include my name in the credits if you are using my sprites for your mod.

    All the sprites were converted/made using Photoshop version 6 and Spray version 1.1 , from pictures of real guns from the official manufacturers', guns importers , guns distributors , 2nd hand guns websites. All sprites has been tested using FOT version 1.27.