Per's "The Nearly Ultimate Fallout 2 Guide" 1.3

Offline "backup" of Per Jorner's "The Nearly Ultimate Fallout 2 Guide" site.

  1. Risewild
    This is the offline "backup" of Per Jorner's famous "The Nearly Ultimate Fallout 2 Guide" site.

    This offline version is only possible due to the effort of NovaRain, who made it possible to use it offline while sharing it with the community.

Recent Reviews

  1. Muttie
    Version: 1.3
    Good idea, and nicely done,
    I really like this, Per's guides are quite an institution and pretty useful. Probably the most complete and thorough guides for FO1 & FO2 (even Sduibek wrote he's still using Per's guide when working on Fallout Fixt. And it can't get much better than that.). Plus this offline version is not only another save-fail but also rather convenient & handy.
    The next step could actually be to update this guide to create an alternative RP Mod version. Like removing references to bugs that RP fixed and adding in the new features (places and quests). Morticia's & Darek's guide covers most of it.
    This could make especially sense as essentially there is no reason any more to play vanilla FO2 over the RP Mod, and in that scenario Per's guide will become less useful and eventually outdated. Which creates the odd scenario that preserving it would basically need to update it.
    Another reason for this to make sense is that RP Mod 3.2.2 seems pretty stable and it does not look as if it's getting updated in the foreseeable future.
    Which means it may be time for an ultimate RP Mod guide. And with most of the groundwork laid (by Per, Darek and Morticia) it's just a matter of being familiar with Per's guide (structure & layout) and inserting the new bits/changes (and testing RP Mod a bit more (utilizing NMA) to bring it up to Per's standard and confirm additions).
    After all RP is not really a supplement or alternative version any more, it basically is FO2. And should get it's own version of the Nearly Ultimate Guide.

    Only needs someone who wants to do it. Per Jorner himself would probably be optimal if he could be contacted (and is willing).
    Besides there is probably no way around contacting Per Jorner as his guides state he doesn't want any changes to them. And it needs to check how he feels about additions/updates.
    But at least an offline version of the Supplementary Guide for Killap's expansion pack by Morticia/Darek, could be added, if it's not too much to ask for, to cover the RP Mod at least to some degree. (
    and here is my post on NMA that adds a few pointers to that guide: