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    The entirety of Fallout 4 being just a simulation played by someone is far too creative and not derivative enough for Bethesda. Gotta recycle plot lines from previous games and cram stuff into every game because they somehow need to be in every game.
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    That's ok.

    I, myself, am not that good in that game. I still managed to complete my DOMINATING run, and will remember a lot of the details surrounding it, precisely because the game does so much differently to a lot of what you're getting today. I am sorry to say this, but you probably didn't even reach medium levels of stealth. Please, don't take this the wrong way--you got slapped on the wrist because of that. That the game has one of the most difficult dungeon crawls is a given--you can even discuss that on their forum, too. For all I know, the head dev may even come about and give some advice on your build, not to mention all the rest of the folks.

    And another small thing--you don't need to get to him per se. You need to actually get to the edges of the room where he is, in order to poison him. It's not exactly a cakewalk, far from it, but if there is one character that can do it, that'll be a highly stealthy one.
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    "You made your choice, sucka. One in, all in.

    See, being in our club, it's like a gang.

    Blood in, blood out.

    You want out, you get beat out."

    -Bethesda, 2018
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    i think i got things pretty much maxed out, as you surely know, skills are limited with your level and level is capped. i got over one hundred hours on my first run on normal difficulty so i wasn't slacking around, either. i just made some bad decisions with my character but i was perfectly aware that it may turn out this way, i just didn't expect it to happen right before the ending (i decided to use only melee and throwing combat skills, no magic, either)

    still a wonderful game though
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    Well... if you ever feel like going back to it.

    Supersteel plays a role, as you can produce supersteel reinforcements for various leathers and high movement speed items add a lot. The best will be produced through personal crafting, but you can find some decent ones around, as well.