A Gift To Those Who Always Wanted to Play as the Enclave

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    Hello everyone! I... heh, I'm so happy I found this. Okay, so you know how you always wanted to join the Enclave? Those loveable scamps from Fallout 2(Not 3)that want to commit mass genocide of everyone who's so much as stepped in a radiated puddle?

    Well, I have found a few mods that, when used together, makes it possible. That's right folks, you can don (Done? Doan? Put on?) your very own suit of Advanced Power Armor and become the face of Fallout 2 in all its terrifying glory.

    The three mods are as followed:

    Dust: Believe it or not, Dust is actually the perfect Enclave setting. In Dust, the entire Mojave wasteland has become a nightmarish hellscape full of Tunnelers, cannibals, and various other baddies that--well, lets face it, your not going to find many things in this mod that don't want to violently murder you. Its a hardcore survival mod that, with a few extra mods mixed in, becomes the catalyst for your Enclave simulator. Lets continue!

    For the Enclave: You know that mod where you join the Enclave like you always wanted too only to find out they're absolutely nothing like the Nazi-esk soldiers that probably killed your Chosen One more times you can count? Well, its important for this so pay attention! For the Enclave gives your character a Base of Operations; with Henderson Bunker added too the game your character has a doctor, a merchent, a mess hall(That doesn't sell water, strangely enough, so have fun with that), a place to sleep, and a crap ton of Enclave soldiers walking the halls.

    This is your Understone, a place that not only adds a bit of civilization to the Dust wasteland but also gives the Enclave some presence. It makes it feel like its an actual force in the Mojave, and not the insane imaginings of your survivor character in power armor who ate one too many cannibals for his own good. Just a forewarning, I don't think you can finish their quests so just do enough to join the faction and maybe get some rep. Remember, this is to make it feel more real, not to add content.

    Imperial New Vegas The Enclave: You'll need to download the original mod first, but with this mod installed you get... ready for it? Patrols! These guys are friendly to the player, and add a sort of ambiance to the wasteland that solidifies the Enclave as a major power in the Nightmare Mojave. I've found these guys just wandering around, in vicious firefights with cannibals, and on rare occasions that probably involved that burning wreck of a car next to them, dead. They don't really say anything, but without them how can you say the Enclave is actively purging the Wasteland of arguably its most dangerous region? Take this away and they're just Brotherhood dudes hiding in a bunker pretending they're getting shit done.

    The only downside is that the mod author opted for the Fallout 3 armor instead of the Remnants version. You'll either need to get over it, or go into the GECK, actors, type Imperial in the search, and change each individual classes armor with the Remnant's. It's time consuming yes, but I feel like its worth it. Click ArmorEnclave something in the inventory and, in the bar below that says the same name as the armor, type Armorpowerremnants and use that instead. Save often, GECK's a fickle bitch and you do NOT want to redo those tedious changes, trust me. Oh, and they're called "Imperial" not Enclave, so you might want to change that too.

    Enclave Commander: This is where things all come together into one, beautiful Red White and Blue package. I shouldn't need to explain what this mod does, but I'll summarize for those who are fresh into the modding scene or whatever. You can call in airstrikes, ground troops, a Vertibird transport that won't work with Dust, and orbital strikes because why not? Where this mod shines is the ground forces, though; having a group of Enclave soldiers gunning down everyone in their path alongside you completes the illusion of being in the Enclave.

    With them, you're not alone. You aren't the main character, you're just a soldier purging the most mutated area of America alongside your comrades one person at a time. In this way, the concept kind of stays close to the original mod author's idea; your not special, your not deciding factor--your just another part of the machine. That patrol of Imperial NV soldiers? To them, you're just another passing patrol.

    Nearly everyone is hostile to you in Dust, so you'll never need to worry about someone not reacting to you being Enclave. Your job is to kill everything that isn't Enclave, and everything that isn't Enclave is trying to kill you.

    In a strange way it feels like your the good guy; the Mojave is messed up, everywhere you look holds things worse than death, and every other power beyond NCR has given up and left. Vegas is enveloped in the Cloud, people are eating each other, and the Tunnelers have spread from the Divide and are slowly killing everything in the Mojave.

    And you're gunning them all down. But what truly makes you feel like the Enclave is when you find the rare friendly survivor; the person not trying to kill you, who just wants to be left alone and eek out some semblance of a life in the desert, and you KNOW they aren't going to try and fight you... and you kill them anyway. Its times like that that remind you that you AREN'T one of the good guys; you aren't trying to save anyone, you're not going to bring the Mojave to its former glory--you're going to burn, shoot, and disintegrate every single thing there because its an affront to what you stand for.

    The only mission in Dust is to escape the Mojave. But if the Enclave was in power and found the Mojave Wasteland in the state that mod makes it, what do you think they would do? Download these mods, console yourself some power armor and a weapon/ammo, and cleanse the Mojave pure again.

    P.S. I'd also recommend using Better New Vegas, Doc EXP, and Project Nevada with these mods. Just tune the latter to the survivalist settings as it overwrites Dust's, and use the second mod to beef up your character instead of leveling naturally. Trust me, you probably won't feel like Enclave if your playing Dust at level 1. Plus you can get ammo for that weapon you cheated into your inventory! Kind of worth it.
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