A major worry that I have about New Vegas

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  1. chankljp

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    Sep 3, 2009
    Personally I was introduced to the Fallout series by playing Fallout 3. But one day after I picked up a copy of the original Fallout collection I realized just how good the first two games were and I never touched 3 again.

    But very few of the other people I know that played Fallout 3 bothered to try the originals. Most of them just dismiss it as an old game or say how they refused to play any video game with 'bad' graphics. And every time you look at any New Vegas videos posted on YouTube, GameTrailers, or other video websites you will see that almost all the comments are from people that only played Fallout 3 and think that it is the 'real' Fallout! Most of them don't even know what the NCR is and think that the ranger in the trailer is a BOS solider or even the Lone Wanderer! (Worst of all, many of them think the BOS is the main focus of the series)

    Here is my biggest concern, Obsidian is a company and their main objective is to earn profits. And since such a large majority of new Fallout fans are only interested in having another Fallout 3 style game (bad 'story' unrealistic background information, BOS being the good guys, etc), I am worried that Obsidian might be forced to abandon a lot of the things that made the original Fallout a masterpiece and keep most of the things that made FO3 bad in order to fit the need of the market.

    I do realized that there are many hardcore Fallout fans like us out there, but to be honest, we are still outnumbered by the the 'noobs' of the series (No offense to anyone that enjoy Fallout 3 like I used to. I am only referring to those that know nothing about the older Fallout games). And it really worries me that New Vegas will ended up being another FO3 due to 'popular demand'.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Professor Danger!

    Professor Danger! Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Aug 30, 2009
    There are already enough changes to it to obviously rise it above what Fallout 3 ended up as. As for the actual game, i'm going to get it, play it, and form an opinion. I'm sure it'll be somewhere between FO1/FO2 and FO3. However, if it's an improvement, it's an improvement. And overtimes that might lead to later sequels and stand-alone games (like New Vegas) to get better and better.

    We'll never have a game like FO1 or 2, but I think it's possible to have a better game than FO3.
  3. Lynette

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    Jan 9, 2010
    It will be without doubt better than F3. Well imo Obsidian is pretty good (compared to todays standard) in story, character developments and NPCs.
    With a single character half as good as Kreia for example it will blow F3 out of tha water.Sad but true.

    That said I am highly sceptical it will be as good as I want it to be.Dont get me wrong, F3 had its moments but I want a little(big) more for my money/time and afterall for my enjoyment.
  4. Kallisti

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    Apr 9, 2010
    two things to consider from this perspective:

    Obsidian is a game company run by the artists, not by the suits, and they aren't publicly traded. They do need to make a profit, but a small profit and a game they feel proud of would be a more likely target than a large profit and a game they don't like.

    Secondly, marketing trumps product, if they feel that they need to have a FO3 clone in order to make money, they can always market it as a FO3 clone, even if the game is nothing like that, as long as the visuals are similar.

    A bigger concern would be executive meddling from Bethesda.
  5. Mr Krepe

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    Mar 28, 2010
    I already think it will be better than FO3 because it was announced that BOS won't be featuring, and I knew that NCR ranger wasn't the main character because the buried one is. I knew he was NCR because of the obvious NCR flag he's carrying.

    But besides the point, don't let the noobs get to you, it doesn't matter if they don't know who the NCR are, it's their loss. Yes it makes me angry too, just don't let it get to you. Hell, I started with FO3 and I knew who the NCR were before I got FO2, I even had an amazing poster of NCR ranger blowing a raider (a khan I think) head apart with a magnum before I got FO2.

    Just don't let it get to you. Noobs, Noobs Never Change.
  6. Kallisti

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    Apr 9, 2010
    Where do I get one of those posters?
  7. Ravager69

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    Dec 21, 2007
    Well, I don't expect everyone to know all games and their prequels and whatever, so it doesn't bother me at all that someone might me ignorant about Fallout. It's just a game after all.

    Also, I suspect Bethesda's input will boil down to saying "make a good game that'll sell" and leaving Obsidian to do the work.

    Don't panic y'all.
  8. Mr Krepe

    Mr Krepe Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Mar 28, 2010
    Kallisti, my brother gave it to me, he said he got it from a game store for the promotion of FO2
  9. Random Turnip

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    May 29, 2009
    I'm pretty much the same as you. I played F2 with my cousin years ago, but i was young at the time and didn't fully understand it. When i heard F3 was coming i grabbed the first 2 and came to pretty much the same conclusion as you.

    I can understand people not liking the first 2 but liking the 3rd. F3 was clearly made for a wider audience and is easier in comparison to get into because of what gamers are used to now-a-days, but the "bad graphics" argument really really pisses me off. I hate that games have become about graphics and motion sensing.

    I'm thinking NV will be a hybrid for F1/2 and F3. The the 3Dness of F3 and the better storyline, quests and characters of 1&2. Or at least that's what i'm hoping for.
  10. Hauptmann

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    Feb 7, 2009
    That's what I hope for too. A better story, factions, towns etc is all I need. I have high hopes for hardcore mode too. I don't think it will be "hardcore enough" - but at least the game mechanics can be fixed by overhaul mods. If they fail with the quests and story, no ammount of modding will help it.

    If the storytelling will be good - i might as well forget I'm playing a FPS with some minor RPG elements and just "sink" into to story.
  11. Dionysus

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    Oct 13, 2008
    I don't think FO3 fans like it because it has a bad story. They won't be put off by better writing. I'd say that you are pretty far off base.
  12. KristofferAG

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    Nov 16, 2009
    I got into the series through Fallout 3 as well, and went back to the originals after a month or so with the latest. I loved them, but that didn't make me hate FO3. I recognize the originals and the new for what they're worth, and I find them all incredibly entertaining.

    My guess is, that a lot of people will hate F:NV from the get-go, simply because they expect it to suck. WHen you go at something with an attitude like that, you're not going to enjoy it.
  13. Adam12

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    May 5, 2010
    I started with the Fallout 1 as a loaner from my friend and immediately picked up 2 when it came out. Tactics was a huge disappointment. While 3 wasn't exactly as good as 1 and 2, it was a huge improvement over tactics, so as long as Vegas moves a little closer to 1/2, I'm happy.
  14. TwoEyedYum

    TwoEyedYum Naked Moose

    Jan 21, 2010
    Adam, Tactics was different game, and it's developers positioned it as TACTICAL game, not "next improvement" of Fallout. They wanted tactical game, and they did it. I wasn't disappointed, as i didn't waited full-scale RPG.

    But Fallout 3 was positioned exactly like "the new and the best game of series". So i thought it must be RPG, and it's a game, at which i was REALLY disappointed. F:NV again positioned as PA-RPG with good story and feeling. It worries me...
  15. Adam12

    Adam12 First time out of the vault

    May 5, 2010
    I see what you mean about the tactics game, I guess I was mostly disappointed in how quickly I finished it. One thing that I really miss though is the humorous comments that pop up above the head of all the npcs. I also miss the ability to have modified, especially when the person modifying it was found in the basement of a gun store, is a little slow, and does it for free. However, I have enjoyed the custom weapons like the dart and rail guns. I just wish the designers would take all the fallout forums more seriously, especially nma, with how long they've been around.
  16. chaosapiant

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    Oct 30, 2008
    I agree with you 100%. I like all the Fallout games i've played, old and new. Each does something a bit better and a bit worse than the other. I have high hopes that New Vegas will marry the awesome of F1+F2 and F3.
  17. sydney_roo

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    Nov 24, 2008
    Eh, what awesome of F3 are you exactly referring to?
  18. Adam12

    Adam12 First time out of the vault

    May 5, 2010
    Yeah, umm... are we talking about the same game? Fallout 1 and 2 are like brother, where as Fallout 3 is like their 4th cousin that they maybe saw every 10 years. Is it a fun game to play? Yes. Is it Fallout? Far from it. I grew up on Fallout and Fallout 3 kinda missed the mark. Technology and science has nothing to do with the depth that was created with the original 2. Completely different feeling.
  19. del_diablo

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    May 16, 2009
    Fuck Fallout 3, it was a weird wandering game that could be played until you realized how shitty it was. The GFX was stale, but whatever.
    Then i got my hands on Fallout 1 & 2, which was a opener. I knew fallout 3 story was shitty, but then it became quite apparent how insanely horrible it was.... Ugh
    Don't forgot how easy bethedas awful spinoff is....

    If your worried about new vegas? Remember that some of the original Fallout developers are on the development team, which means there is hope.
    Torrent first, and buy if it holds its promises~
  20. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    No warez talk man