About to start a PnP Fallout campaign...

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  1. McCabbe

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    Jul 6, 2011
    ... and I have a few questions to ask.

    1) When do you allow perks ? Each 2 or 3 levels ? Less ?

    2) What method do you use for criticals ? A critical table ? Doubled damages ?

    3) I guess this one concerns more the Fallout universe rather than its system - Ghouls : how do they renew ? Regardless of the debate on how they were created (FEV or rads), in FO3 & NV, we're 200 years after the war... So, how can there be so many ghouls ? I can't believe that we have hordes of humans going into highly irradiated zones or FEV vats and transforming into ghouls... So where do the ghouls come from ? Are they immortal ? Can they reproduce ?

    Thanks in advance for the answers...
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    Dec 4, 2004

    1a) I discarded levels alltogehter and allow the players to buy perks for XP when they reach requirements.

    1b) Normally na PnP rules characters gain a perk every 3 levels or 4 (Ghouls and Super Mutants)

    2) If one hits a critical I use my modified table:
    1 - Knockdown (the target must Get Up)
    2 – Shot Bypasses DR
    3 - Unconsciousness for 1d4 turns
    4 - Unconsciousness for 2d4 turns
    5 – Crippled (drops weapon)/ Blindness
    6 - damage x1.5
    7 – damage x2
    8 - damage x3
    9 – Damage x4
    10 - Instant Death (!)

    3) In the PnP book is stated that Ghouls live up to 200 years or more, besides people being people DO GO THERE WHERE THEY SHOULDN'T so new Ghouls come to existance. (My theory)
  3. McCabbe

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    Jul 6, 2011
    Aight... Hey thanks ! You've been helpful for all three questions...

    1) I like the fact that you discarded lvls. I'm toying with the concept myself... Right now, I have kept levels, but they do not give extra HPs. Only perks & skills. But I always found the concept of levels silly, so I may throw all that to the bin. (And regarding perks / level, I don't allow non-human characters)

    2) I think I'll design my own table for criticals. I think I'll do critical = damages + extra critical damages (because I like it when weapons are very different from each other) + throw on a table (because I do not use any damage localisation system, but I want to keep the concept of crippled limbs)

    3) Okay. I would loathe a concept of ghouls reproduction. But I need to explain where they do come from. So I like these theories. (For some reason unknown, I think my campaign will have a significant number of ghouls NPCs...)
  4. 1badmotha

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    Dec 4, 2004
    1)regarding Perks:

    I've made a couple of groups of perks, so some are available after the frist session and others after You gain 100XP, 200XP, 300XP and so on. So if You want You may buy only perks (each costs 20XP).

    I've done the same with HP and skills, so one can buy HP's for 3XP per 1 HP (if You have lifegiver perk they are cheaper). The skills cost 1 XP per 1 Skill Point till You reach 70 than they cost 2 XP per 1 Skill Point and over 100 in a skill you must pay 3XP per 1 Skill point.

    3) concerning Ghouls I've marked the places where the bombs fell on my map, and in those places You have a higher possibility of encountering a Ghoul or a Ghoul settlement. In my campaign (in Kentucky) I had 2 major cities Lexington and Louisville both destroyed by atomic warheads and both are the Ghoul "hotspots".[/img]