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  1. dude_obj

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    Oct 19, 2004
    With all of these FoT weapons made, the only thing I'm not happy about is diversity in sounds. I have approx 20 rifles and 20 pistols but only 5 unique sounds for each. But Corpse has a big collection of weapon sounds, and we've been talking about how FO2 uses the Sound ID codes. I figured out how to add at 19 new sound codes.

    The Sound ID code is stored in a single byte in weapon protos, the last byte at hex offset 79.
    FO2 already uses Sound ID codes 0-9, A-Z, and ! @ # $ _

    A valid new code is restricted by several things. First it must be a displayable ASCII character. Second it must not only be displayable it also must typable, the "extended ascii" characters will not work, because the code becomes part of a filename. Third windows file system sees no difference between uppercase and lowercase letters, so we can't use lowercase. Fourth windows does not allow the use of these characters in file names: \ / : * ? " < > |

    So I looked at the entire ASCII table, eliminated all codes that are restricted as above, and the ones already used by FO2, and came up with a list of 19 new sound codes that do work. The hex value shown below is what goes in the weapon proto at offset 79. The chr value shown below is what is displayed in the mapper proto editor for Sound ID (and is the 3rd character of the sound file):

    hex 20 chr space
    hex 25 chr %
    hex 26 chr &
    hex 27 chr '
    hex 28 chr (
    hex 29 chr )
    hex 2B chr +
    hex 2C chr ,
    hex 2D chr -
    hex 2E chr .
    hex 3B chr ;
    hex 3D chr =
    hex 5B chr [
    hex 5D chr ]
    hex 5E chr ^
    hex 60 chr `
    hex 7B chr {
    hex 7D chr }
    hex 7E chr ~

    I have tested all of these codes in actual sound files to make sure they work, and they do: with regsnd (generates lines in sndlist.lst), in the mapper (displays the code only, doesn't allow selecting them), and in game mode (testing the attack, hit, reload, and empty sounds).

    To use these new codes, the weapon protos must be edited with a hex editor. The mapper only allows selecting from a menu that is hardcoded with the original set of sound codes used by FO2. Maybe one of the item editors like FIME will allow entering these new codes, I haven't checked that.

    Although the mapper won't allow entering (selecting) these new codes, it does display them properly, as the chr value (+ % etc).

    These new ASCII characters are the 3rd letter in the file name for weapon sounds. Its really a poor design choice for FO2 because I think we are limited to only 19 more weapon sounds :(

    Corpse helped me find info on some of the naming conventions like the first two letters in the file name:

    WA - attack sound
    WH - hit sound
    WR - reload sound
    WO - empty sound (click)

    We are proceeding to use these new codes for the weapons add-on, and I'll post more info on the file naming conventions after we've figured out the rest of the puzzle.
  2. Corpse

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    Apr 7, 2003
    If anyone needs real life weapons fire sounds in excellent condition and quality, I have a large collection of sound effects I have gathered from various sources.

    Well done dude. :ok:
  3. mvBarracuda

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    Apr 11, 2004
    Me, me ;)

    No seriously: I'm interested in the sounds because I'm planning to create my own IanOut mod and want to add some new weapons; so which sounds you got?
  4. Corpse

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    Apr 7, 2003
    I have about 100Mb worth of sounds for most commonly used calibers ranging from pistols, all the way to heavy artillery.

    Just send me a PM, tell me what you need and we can make the arrangements.
  5. dude_obj

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    Oct 19, 2004
    After figuring out these available codes, I found this in an old post on the same topic, by abel ...

    But windows doesn't allow \ / : * ? " < > | in file names (windows explorer tells me this in Windows 2000) so I don't think some of those will work. I think _ is already a defined code in FO2. The period does in fact work as a sound ID. And these codes also work:

    space (hex 20)
    ^ (hex 5E)
    ` (hex 60)

    space is the ASCII 32 that Abel mentions, but ASCII 127 is DEL, how can that work, it needs to be a letter in the file name?

    Abel says < | > are not valid in file names, but are valid in DAT files, but how to get them to those names, can they be renamed inside the DAT tool? If that works then maybe some of the other characters like *?" etc will work. And I wonder about lowercase letters, I can get them into a DAT file, will test test that later ...
  6. dude_obj

    dude_obj Vault Senior Citizen

    Oct 19, 2004
    Here's a preview of new gun sounds that Corpse donated to the weapons add-on for FO2 (and eventually FO1). These are real gun sounds, and I think they are awesome. Thanks Corpse! If you're curious as to which sound is for what weapon, they are listed here.We could have even better sounds if we had more available codes, but unfortunately FO2 doesn't leave much room for expansion on this.
  7. dude_obj

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    Oct 19, 2004
    An update on this ... I thought we maxed out the available sound codes by adding new usused codes from the original ascii table (required hex editing of weapon protos) ... But it looks like extended ascii codes work too, both in regsnd (to generate the sndlist.lst) and in the game. I tested these new codes and they work:

    € 80
    ƒ 83
    „ 84
    … 85

    Tricky because you have to paste the code into the file name like this: WA€1XXX1.acm

    I haven't tested these further but I suspect that all of these codes will work too:


    Thanks to corpse for sending me these codes, I didn't even realize they could be used in file names. This is good news for my mod because we had to make some weapons share the same sound even though we had unique sounds for them. It looks like we have lots of more room for adding new weapon sounds.
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    Feb 2, 2004
    Good work guys! You both need nice big cake an ice cold beer :)
  9. Lich

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    Dec 23, 2004
    Have U sound of magnum colt?
  10. Raven_2

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    Mar 2, 2005
    Is there someone who convert weapon sounds from The Fall: Last days of Gaya? Whole game is a crap, but sfx are pretty good. And there is a lot of them.

    Game resources of The Fall packed in zip-like archives which can be unpacked with WinRar, for example, and all sound in ogg format.


    Did you see a Fallout weapon SFX mod by Sghi? It contain FT sfx.
    Link: (3,49 mb).
  11. Corpse

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    Apr 7, 2003
    In the magnum range, I have R/L sounds for .357, .44 Magnums and .50 Action Express; if you mean for a .45 Long Colt Peacemaker type revolver, I don't have a R/L sound effect, but I could mix one from existing sounds from my library.
  12. red

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    Apr 5, 2003
    Just a tip, given you don't like hex editing, I found that you can edit the text version of the proto generated by the mapper and then ask the mapper to regenerate the protos. Of course you might have to jump through hoops to make your text editor take some weird charactrers...

    As for using del in a file name, it is indeed possible, but obviously explorer won't let you do such things. I'm sorry but I can't recommend a program that would do this for you right now since this dates back from DOS days. I've made sure it is indeed possible to do this (at least on a FAT32 drive): I opened Hex Workshop in sector mode on one of my drives, searched for a file name and changed one of the letters to 0xF0. The file shows up in explorer and has a little square in the 0XF0's place. I'm sure there are easyer programes which would allows you to do this.

    Interestingly enough you can rename files even using "illegal" explorer characters too using this technique; sadly, explorer sees them but can't work well with them. Dunno if that would also be true for Fallout.

    As for renaming in DAT files, just hex edit the file name in the DAT's file table.