After Installing DLC: missing creature, crashing

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    Jun 27, 2005
    So I've finally found the time to play Fallout 3 enough to get the DLC packs. So far I've gotten Anchorage, The Pitt, Point Lookout, and Broken Steel. Haven't played through them yet though, as I started the game over fresh to see what other differences were created.

    So I've installed them all, and I'm using FOMM. The only other mod I'm using is the one that allows you to expand your party size and ignore karma when hiring party members. I'm playing on an older intel iMac that meets the minimum requirements of the game, but only just. However it's preformed flawlessly until now. The problem: whenever I encounter what should be a Super Mutant Overlord, there is instead in it's place one of the big red boxes with a question mark in it that signifies the game is missing this object. Also, lately the game has occasionally crashed unexpectedly.

    I did a reinstall and am trying to get patch 1.7 to work, but every time I try and install the patch, it gets as far as asking me if I want to install it and then crashing when the progress bar comes up.

    Any ideas? Do I have to install the first few patches before the most recent one will work? Should I go out and buy the CD copies of the DLC: I downloaded them (legally), but I suppose it might have been a corrupted file somewhere in there.
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    1. Copy the DLC's BSA files and EPS's / ESM's to the Data folder of you're Fallout 3 folder.
    2.Use the Fallout Mod Manager to unpack the DLC's to Data folder. I mean the BSA files can be unpacked (u will get "textures" ,"meshes" and "sound" folders with DLC content in Data folder).
    3.Remember to set the binvalidateOlderFiles = 1 in Fallout3.ini.

    Hope this helps.