Aftermath of the Mordino's

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    Clayton Ettienne from New Vegas says

    "Well, I've lived in Nevada all my life. Started out in New Reno, but headed down here as soon as I got the chance. If you can believe it, things are even worse back home. The whole city's still run by crime families. Used to be the Mordinos and Wrights. Now it's the Wrights and Van Graffs. Seems like things never get better. Anyway, that's all behind me now."

    This implies the Mordino's were still active and known when Clayton Ettienne was younger but old enough to be aware who the active gangs were. Assuming he was born near the events of Fallout 2 that would make him about 40 in New Vegas. I'm thinking the Mordino's disbanded 15-20 years after the events of Fallout 2. What's your theory considering Clayton's dialouge?
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    The vibe I get, partially inspired by some of the post-2 New Reno ideas that Sawyer had is that the Wrights flexed their muscles very hard after Sierra Army Depot, and likely knocked most of the familys for two. At the very least, I think they bumped out the Salvatores for good. Now, from what I gather the Van Graffs had to work their way in somehow, and I think replacing the Mordinos fits, especially with that dialogue. However we also know that Mr. Bishop, son of the Chosen One, is around and it's implied (though no way confirmed) that Reno is part of NCR.

    Since they kind of "Dragon break'd" the Reno endings, I think that there was likely heavy gang warfare following Fallout 2 with the Wrights dominating (thanks to the Chosen One's arms acquirements) and the Bishop child at the age of 13 (Putting it around 2255) put a stop to it, and with the Bishop-NCR connection it's possible that this is when the incorporation into the Republic occurs. The Van Graffs weasling their way in within the following years fits. It also sounds like although Mr. Bishop is around, feared and violent as of Vegas but the Bishop family isn't a household name, the patriarch of the family being a wandering Fallout protagonist likely means that the Bishop family has either disintegrated or has a very laissez-faire power structure in Reno.

    That's 10000% speculation but that's the thinking I was doing I.e Reno
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    And however good The Bishop is, he still can not toe-to-toe with another Family armed with Sierra Depot. it's an intact PreWar military arsenal, man~ There's nothing like it from F1/2 to FNV.