An Easier Way To Take Out Horrigan?

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    Oct 12, 2016
    I recently read on the Fallout 2 nearly ultimate guide that if you are not intelligent enough to use the console in the room with the turrets or if you do not have the presidential access card that there is another way to make the final battle easier. However you need to do this before you disable the reactor.

    What is says is to destroy the turrets. This way, they will not be able to help Horrigan in the battle. According to the guide, this is also a good way to make the battle more fair without either side being aided by the turrets. Now this has me thinking.

    I have beaten the game recently with four builds, one using pistols, single shot sniping weapons, gatling laser, and Big Guns. However, every single time, I had to rely on the turrets to take him down as they would gun me down before I could take his health down significantly.

    What's the point of creating a combat character if you don't actually get a chance to unleash your characters full potential on the final boss. Why not turn the tables on him and mop the floor with him instead of the other way around? It would be a far more satisfying accomplishment than simply relying on the turrets, which I think is more suited to a sneak or diplomatic build.

    Maybe I should start doing this for all my builds (except maybe melee because they would probably cut me to ribbons too quickly). Has anyone else tried this strategy?
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    You can have the turrets not help anyone.
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    AFAIR, the turret console has a two-tier skill check (Science, probably?) the first one letting you disable the turrets and the second one letting you reprogram them to attack Horrigan. Not sure if that is accurate, I'd have to check.
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    Oct 12, 2016
    How do you actually disable the turrets? I tried the emergency shutdown option once before entering battle with Horrigan, it didn't work.
  5. DwayneGAnd

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    Oct 12, 2016
    okay I tried out this idea about how to make the battle with Horrigan easier, and it works!

    Here's what I did:

    The first thing I did when I entered the entry point was take out the turrets. With 10 luck, 10 agility, the sniper perk, two ranks of action boy, and a weapon with reasonable range, I was able to take out all seven turrets without problems.

    My build was a sniper character. He had four npcs: Sulik, Cassidy, Goris, and Marcus. My endgame weapons were the gauss rifle, .223 pistol, and the needler pistol loaded with AP cartridges.

    After destroying the turrets, I left my npcs in the room and went downward. I had the FEV toxin released into the air ducts and saved my game after talking with the president. I destroyed the reactor, went back upstairs, used speech to convince Granite and his squad to join me, rejoined my companions and confronted Horrigan.

    Sure enough, as I predicted, the battle was a hell of a lot easier without the turrets. Even with targeted shots to the eyes with my gauss rifle, I was only doing about 24 points of damage with critical hits. On my next turn, I targeted his arms, forcing him to take out his knife. Oddly, my needler pistol with the AP cartidges did more damage than the Gauss Rifle with shots to the eyes and I managed to take him down with the help of my allies. He never stood a chance! I mopped the floor with him! Boy was that a lot more fun and satisfying than relying on the turrets. I got to enjoy the fruits of my hard work on this build!

    I'm surprised practically no one else came up with this idea and even bothered thinking that maybe you could take out the turrets before shutting down the reactor.

    Now, this may be a problem with a melee fighter. But hey, that's what the presidential card is for!