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    Jan 8, 2017
    I don't know, it sure sounds great and all, but looks like I'm really a loner, even when playing surrounded by a crowd of NPCs...'cos the very idea of online RPG is kinda weird and somewhat disgusting to me. I mean, if one wishes to kick ass of some real person (it's called PVP, right?:-)) then wouldn't it best to play Unreal Tournament, Q3, or CS for teamplay? Or if you wish something sophisticated, try MecWarrior online - although they say it sucks comparing to previous games of MW. But to put any RPG, save for Diablo II, which is actually more of a slasher than RPG, in online? Well, I love KOTOR a lot, but i never tried TOR MMO anyway, and I doubt I ever will. Although... well, maybe it should just take time, till I accept the idea and try some MMO, but as for now, it's just not for me. Since I've discovered RPGs, starting with Fallout of course, it was only me, the world and gameplay offered by the game, and how do I fit in it. And no real money spending, interacting with some real people who just don't know what they want themselves, i.e. spending more time on something else apart from, actually, gaming. And after joining, and even moderating, several forum-based text RPGs...well, I've just had enough of it... or maybe I'm just a fucking misantrope? The truth is somewhere near...

    Anyway, Fallout MMO? No, sir, I say. I guess enough harm was already done to Fallout universe by Bethesda, so there's no point in adding more to it