Apologies to Roshambo & some additional thoughts

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    Well, we've disagreed a bit, and I think some of my responses criss crossed with your apology for coming down on me some, and well, I apologize also for being a bit too "energetic" in my discussion also.

    Like I said in one post, I do understand your concern. I don't want the Fallout series to become a Diablo clone, or something else of a more simplistic nature, just a "hack n slash" or "plasma n burn" rpg, as the case may be.

    But I want you to consider a few points. Have you read Desslocks column on RPG sales on Gamespot? It was pretty enlightening, if somewhat disappointing. Baldur's Gate, with not near the story of the Fallouts, sold about 1 million copies, while each of the Fallouts sold about 250,000 each, while RPG of the Year PS:T has sold maybe 150,000 copies so far (can you believe that?!?). If you consider what Diablo did (the article says but I can't remember, but it was much greater than BG - 2 million maybe?), it is clear that the type of deep RPG that many of us (yes, I'm in that group) enjoy, just is not as near as popular as the "hack n slash".

    Those are facts of the marketplace, which Interplay cannot ignore. And which it hasn't. Why do you think that BG got an expansion pact when Fallout 2 was designed with that possiblity, and has none? Why has Icewind Dale and BG2 gone forth and Fallout 3 languished. It's financial return, plain and simple. As a public company, they _have_ to make money, and we forget that at our own peril.

    But think about it for a moment. If IP is going to be able to produce the type of RPG we want, then they are going to have to produce some very popular games such as "hack n slash types" just mentioned. They just cannot make it as a company with the sales they got for FO1/2 and PS:T. Those are cruel financial facts, but they are the truth. The best we can hope for is that their "mass market" RPGs make tons of money so that they can afford and are willing to develop the more "niche" RPG's that we like. That's not what you (or I for that matter) want to hear, but it is the truth.

    In my opinion, the best thing that can come out of FOT: BOS is that it is a great success. So great that it even has an expansion pact or sequel. Why? Because success in this game could provide more funding for the type of RPGs we both like. Yeah, there is a risk that IP focuses more on hack n slash, even in Fallout, but that risk is already there, and happening as we speak based upon the RPGs IP is developing now. But the point is if they don't have successful mass market games, then there is absolutely NO possibility of a Fallout 3, or another PS:T type RPG. None whatsoever - they won't have the funds to do so.

    No matter what we both think about FOT: BOS, those that enjoy deep RPGs are in a bit of a rough spot. And there is nothing we can really do about it other than support good games - even if it isn't Fallout 3. I just don't see what running down what _may_ be a good and fun game is going to gain any one of us. I for one, look forward to FOT: BOS in hope that success there insures Fallout 3 for all of us.

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