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    Hello roleplayers!

    I've modified 2 character sheets for Fallout PnP; one that auto-calculates many values and another, just form-fillable one. Both sheets are, of course, form-fillable. It GREATLY simplifies char creation and, hopefully, will bring more people to the Fallout PnP table :) It also has mod brackets next to almost every calculating value, so you can add misc. bonuses/penalties in there and it will apply them.


    First the auto-calculating sheet (download at end of post):

    WHAT IT DOES (automatically):

    1. S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
    • modifies S.P.E.C.I.A.L. bonuses, min/max S.P.E.C.I.A.L. limits, DR, DT, resistances, etc. for selected race
    • calculates final S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats based on all modifiers used and warns if they are under/over racial min/max
    • can toggle between Night Person day/night S.P.E.C.I.A.L. bonuses
    • calculates how many attribute points there are left to spend

    2. SKILLS
    • calculates base values of skills
    • ability to tag skills makes them add the +20% bonus and all points spent in the skill add 2 points instead of 1
    • tracks total value of skills
    • calculates how many skill points are available to spend at current level

    • calculates base AC
    • calculates total AC based on all factors (the base AC + any mods + armor + traits + etc.)
    • calculates base DR and DT
    • adds any armor DR, DT and AC bonuses
    • tracks total DR and total DT based on all modifiable factors
    • tracks all total resistances of each type
    • tracks total healing rate

    • sets perks per level based on race and traits
    • has a database of all available perks and traits and sums up their bonuses, ranks and requirements
    • includes most of said bonuses (for traits) in the auto-calculation formula (these traits are the ones that are in [] brackets in the trait description)

    • calculates max carry weight and total weight of items in inventory and warns if the PC is encumbered
    • tracks total max HP and HP/level (it also adds HP/level to the max HP everytime level is changed)

    6. MISC
    • calculates total AP, Sequence, Melee Damage, Crit Chance and Thrown/Shooting range
    • tracks and applies armor degradation penalties to current DR/DT based on current condition
    • tracks current weapon condition and warns when it is broken


    • tracks the current and max HP of vehicles and their modules and warns when said modules become broken


    • currently does not consume more then 1 skill point when they are used to improve a skill which is over 100%
    • does not add ALL of the bonuses from traits (e.g. the bonuses/penalties for weapons from 'One Hander'), these you have to enter/keep track manually
    • does not add ANY bonuses from Perks (as this would be a ton of work just based on the amount of Perks and their conditions)
    • does not have ANY sort of database for available weapons, vehicles or any kind of equipment


    And the form-fillable sheet... (download at end of post) basically just a form-fillable sheet where you can put whatever you want in there :)


    Both of these sheets are available to download for free, and you are free to pick up where I left off, if someone wishes to continue the work. All I ask, is that you include me in the credits :)

    P.S.: If some more code-savvy person is going to "look under the hood" of how I made these calculations, they will most likely face-palm because of the tons of unnecessary code. I am not a programmer, I learned javascript as I was working on this :)

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    This looks cool.
    If only I had a group to play P&P again...
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    May 14, 2015
    Check out Roll20. I just got the last spot in a group ;)