Awaken Mod Bugfixes

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    Mar 28, 2009
    I found the solutions for some Awaken mod bugs that have been reported on this forum:

    1) Can't complete any BOS quests, because the sarge at BOS doesn't talk to you.

    Cause: The sarge is missing his speech file

    Solution: Add the speech script "q1before" using the entity edit tab of the level editor

    If you already entered the broken map and saved the game, you can't change it any more, since the map has already been saved in the sav file. It doesn't matter though, since the 1st quest is to find the Silent Trains station. Go work for SOH instead. When you get the quest to kill the junkers at Silent Trains, go to BOS and the quest will be completed, talk to the sarge to get the second quest (kill muties at the small mutie outpost). So all you are missing is the quest brief

    2) Can't give the super cattle prod to the raider hangman

    Cause: the cattle prod sold by Michael at Michael's Tower is possibly an outdated version of the item missing its tagged name. The game specifically awaits an item tagged "scp". The proper item is called supercattleProd.ent and is located in the Fallout Tactics\awaken\entities\AWAKEN\weapons\Awaken directory. It's tagged properly, you must add it to some map you haven't visited yet. You can change Michael's inventory or add it to any NPC's inventory. Then steal, buy or loot it, go to the Raider camp and give this item to the raider hangman. The quest will be completed and you get the reward XP.

    3) Can't get the quest to save Derek from Wilson the Raider

    Cause: Not really a bug. Seems you need to be a slaver to get this quest. You can complete this quest regardless by picking the lock on the jail door at Necropolis and talking to Derek. He then will run for Paradise Falls, eh, I mean the raider camp, lol. Go talk to Wilson afterwards to complete the quest

    4) One of the SOH attackers on BOS base wields a sniper rifle, but never shoots it

    Cause: no idea. he's got all proper ammo, but never uses the rifle. Possibly stat bug, maybe his strength is set too low for this rifle

    5) Using Science skill on the computer at the ghoul base activates the terminal, but doesn't reveal the location of the toxic factory. There's also an infinite XP bug if you fail to hack the terminal using science

    Cause: no idea. script error?

    Solution: get the electronic key coded blue from the alleged ghoul leader and approach the terminal again

    6) Repair quests. How to repair broken items?

    Cause: It's not a bug. You just need to approach the items in question. If your repair skill is high enough the item will be tagged as repaired. Now go talk to the quest giver for the quest reward
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    Yes #1 is the problem I have but where do get the "q1before" file?