Basically Blade Runner?

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    Sep 4, 2019
    What it says on the tin.. Anyone else bothered that Fallout 4 is basically a low-skill hash of a Blade Runner plot surgically attached into the Fallout Universe? The one time they attempted to come up with their own "plot" idea instead of what they copied into Fallout 3 from 1 & 2, they make the most asinine Fallout faction for one of the worst storylines ever thought for the series. Nothing is interesting about the Institute and like many have also said- their overall motivations and actions have no sense since its never explained..

    What were they smoking when they thought it would be thematically appropriate for the Fallout Universe? Yes- some aspects of Fallout in terms of tech are greatly ahead of us.. Yes, the Fallout Universe earth is capable of making highly capable Robotistry than our own, even going to the lengths of devising sapient AI. Synths though? It doesn't fit the atmosphere of Fallout. They could have pulled it off though, but the designs of the baseline non-3rd gen Synths don't look Fallout at all in design. They look like from a different Universe entirely.

    Also out of all things to think of, why a Blade Runner style plot? You know actually there was speculation (aka a leak) very early on that the Replicated Man quest was going to be a focal plot point in Fallout 4 well before it came out. I begrudged this. The whole "Synth" thing seems like a minor quest thing as it should've always been. I liked at the time in Fallout 3, but my bullshit radar went off when I heard the "Institute" mentioned by Zimmerman was going to be the main plot piece in the gameline.

    The main problem with Bethesda is that they are running out of adequate ideas. There is so much to expand upon in Fallout, but they chose the least inspired route in Fallout 4. Do things related more into the FEV, talk about psyonics like the Forecaster, make more tribal-like factions with interesting motifs instead of the boring Wastelander suburnites with still perfect non-diverged English, let us delve more into the lore of Vault Tech, etc. The only good thing to come out Fallout 4 was the revamped Power Armor, I liked their take on it very much. Everything else in Fallout 4 is shite though. Its sad that such a great RPG is going down the drain by a company worse than EA at this point. Fuck.
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    They have done multiple things with the FEV and it's been a complete disaster in terms of writing and internal consistency.
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    Actually by pure technicality, they haven't really done anything new with FEV at all. Its merely been used a plot device to conveniently add Super Mutants for the sake of it. Though honestly I don't mind as Super Mutants in multiple Fallouts as their iconic to the franchise. Just make more specialized variants like the Nightkin to add some cool regionalism to every Super Mutant strain, not making them cookie cutter. (Though they have done this to an extent, but the Super Mutant design in Fallout 4 compared to what they made in 3 is a severe, severe downgrade)

    FEV has ALOT of capabilities for some unique mutations rather than just making Floaters or Super Mutants.. They already delved in this possibility to some extent as we see the Antagonizer has the latent ability to control Ants with her mind. (which admittedly isn't touched upon to be FEV being the cause at all, but I like to headcanon it that way) This isn't even touched upon at all later. Add new Mutants with more interesting powers derived from the FEV, something. If their going to bring it back in so many iterations, do something with a plot device that allows a character to almost have any power possible with mutation. We've seen this with the Forecaster as I've said before and even in the 1st game had FEV elevated test subjects from Unity.

    Overall Bethesda is running out of ideas. Writing is thing that they should focus on like they do with TES, because the way they mechanically handle games is shit. Too bad that division of their company could've even write a basic kids that could get even kids engaged in.
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    Actually, Fallout 4 is based on a discarded plot for Fallout 2.
    And Fallout 76 is based on Van Buren.
    Bethesda is the worst.
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    This neatly summarizes the Bethesda games in general.