Bend and Break The Rules

Discussion in 'Fallout Tactics Help & Tech' started by alec, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. alec

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    May 21, 2003
    My character is level 21 and has Luck 7. I should be able to pick these perks, right? They're in the manual. Bend The Rules should become available at level 16 if you have Luck 6. And Break The Rules should become available at level 20 when you have luck 6. Some of my squadmembers should be able to pick those perks as well, but nope. Is the manual wrong or aren't these perks in the game?

    I'm playing version 1.13. Maybe they were fixed with the 1.27 patch?

    This really sucks, though. It ruins my planning. I was going to give my female melee fighter the Break The Rules perk and then the Talon Of Fear perk, because it just sounds way cool for a human to have that. But noooooooooooooo. And my recruited Super Mutant won't be able to get the Better Criticals perk. Damn. I feel like starting all over again...
  2. phatty

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    Sep 2, 2003
    I believe these perks were taken out quite early on in the patches as they were found to unbalance the game. You sure as heck aren't going to find them 1.27 -- why aren't you playing with 1.27 anyways? Do you like bugs? :)

  3. RICK

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    Apr 24, 2006
    The Peck "Bonsai" ?

    What is it all about?
    It says a small fruit tree is going out from my groul's head.
    But it seems nothing happened or changed.

    Also how come I can't have the peck bend the rules or break the rules?
    I have Luck 6 but I can't have those pecks...
  4. requiem_for_a_starfury

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Try searching for perks rather than peck and you might find out something. This is a useful page, though some of it might be out of date. Bonsai was meant to give you a fruit every so often IIRC, useful combined with the way of the fruit perk.

    Since the graphics are pre-rendered you have to use your imagination to see the tree. :)
  5. Shadowbird

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    Jul 20, 2003
    I don't know... I vaguely remember seeing them in my Tactics, so maybe they are available, just not with the req's the manual says...
  6. Hotel California

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    Feb 6, 2005
    The only way to get these perks is using FALCHE or something similar (BOSedit, etc). You can also get "twitch gamer" which i think sometimes gives you either free AP or in Continuous combat mode makes some firings of weapons free, but don't quote me on that. Can anyone verify?