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    Oct 12, 2016
    I've already done this for New Vegas. Now I'll include a list here of what I think are the best suits of armor in the game for various builds according to the text file I have written down.

    Ranger Battle Armor-Bonus to Small Guns, Action Points, and Luck, making this the best choice for those specializing in Small Guns endgame.
    Lag-Bolt's Combat Armor-Bonus to Big Guns and Action Points. I think it's the best choice for those specializing in Big Guns endgame.
    Chinese Stealth Armor-Perfect for stealth builds. Superior to New Vegas version due to the stealth field when sneaking.
    Tesla Armor-Bonus to Energy Weapons and radiation resistance.
    Tribal Power Armor-Bonus to Strength, Luck, melee weapons skill, and Action Points. Remember to take into consideration to penalty to agility.
    Enclave Hellfire Armor-Bonus to strength and fire resistance. No pentalty to Agility unlike other power armors.
    Samurai Armor-Bonus to melee damage and melee weapons skill.

    Ranger Battle Helmet or Combat Helmet-Perfectly suits the Ranger Battle Armor. If you can't get the Battle Helmet, get the combat helmet.
    Enclave Hellfire Helmet-Bonus to fire and radiation resisistance. Watch out for the penalty to charisma.
    Tesla Helmet-Goes with Tesla Armor for bonus to radiation resistance. Be careful about the penalty to Charisma.
    Samurai Helmet-Goes with Samurai Armor