Best Weapons For Builds

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    Oct 12, 2016
    Seeing as how weapons have no strength requirements, unlike the other games, I made a list of the best weapons for each combat build in my opinion. These are listed in my text file. Of course, I probably won't be using every weapon in the list, all depends on my carry weight and if I get strong back.

    Small Guns

    Dart Gun (used for more weakening foes than actual damage)
    Blackhawk or Callahan's Magnum (depending on whether or not you blow up the citadel)
    Paulson's Revolver (best non-scoped pistol in game)
    Terrible Shotgun (Best shotgun in game)
    Xuan Long's Chinese Assault Rifle (Best Automatic weapon in Small Guns Category)
    Victory Rifle (Best Sniper Rifle Variant. Stronger and more durable and knock down on critical hits)
    Railway Rifle (great for limb damage)

    Big Guns

    Eugene (best non-energy automatic weapon in game)
    Vengeance (best energy automatic weapon)
    Rock-It Launcher (turn all that useless junk into ammo! Good for preserving ammo)

    Energy Weapons

    Novasurge (Most powerful sidearm in game)
    A3-21's Plasma Rifle (Best energy rifle)
    Metal Blaster (Better used for close up fighting due to multiple beams)
    Tesla Cannon (Great area of affect weapon)

    Silent Assassin

    Dart Gun
    Victory Rifle
    Silenced 10mm Pistol (used more for weaker foes to conserve ammo for tougher opponents)
    Perforator (best silenced automatic weapon)


    Man Opener (Ability to ignore Damage Threshold of Enemies)
    Deathclaw Gauntlet (Same as Man Opener)
    The Shocker (Bonus damage against robots)
    Shishkabob (Much stronger with pyromaniac perk. More useful for pyromanic build)


    Slo-burn Flamer or Rapid Torch Burner (are affected by pyromaniac unlike Burnmaster)
    Heavy Incinerator (Great for longer distances)

    All Builds

    Fat Man (Good for the strongest of foes such as the super mutant behemoth)
    Missile Launcher (Good for crowd control)
    Frag/Plasma/Pulse Grenades (Same as Missile Launcher, but can become stronger with Demolition Expert)
    Nuka Grenade (Most powerful grenade. However is not affected by Demolition Expert)
    Microwave Emitter (Ignores Damage Threshold)

    Opinions and comments are welcome.