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    Once again, so what? Just because they aren't as evil as the Camonna Tong and just because their opponents are bad doesn't mean that they aren't racists.

    Edit: Yes and this is a response to your claim: "All that would happen is you'd have half of the player base freaking out because there is a racism guild in the game and you aren't immediately given a quest to destroy them as soon as they're encountered." and "and not spend half of their screentime basically explaining with a bunch of ingame characters for mouthpieces that the devs don't agree with it in order to avoid being a headline on Kotaku." which are both patently false.
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  2. Yeah I agree that oblivion is when that whole thing started, dumbing down if you prefer. However it wasn't completely good vs evil, the empire, which were portrayed as the good guys, was pretty screwed up. They allowed for arenas where you could watch people fight to the death for money and I'd consider some of the guilds to be kind of grey, like the thieves guild. One thing that I liked about Oblivion is that you aren't the main character of the main quest, Martin is pretty much the "chosen one" that saves everyone in the end and your just kind of along for the ride, it's different to how Morrowind was where you are THE guy.
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    Judging by Morrowind, slavery is illegal in the empire, so those gladiators mostly had to have been people who chose that lifestyle for themselves. Part of me wants to say that viewing bloodsport as wrong in this specific instance is anachronistic, but I won't quite go that far.
  4. You're right, they do choose to join the arena, no one is forced to, it's to be expected with fantasy settings that take after history so I won't call the empire completely evil for it obviously. I think it's cool that they bothered to make the empire feel clean and perfect at first glance but the more you read into it, the more problems start to show up and that becomes even more true when the Septim dynasty ends, as we saw in skyrim.
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