"Birdmen and the Casual Fallacy" by Sean Malstrom

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    Oct 26, 2007
    Indepth article about the gaming industry and strategies leading to success or failure ...


    I read this after spotting it over at Beth's forums (linked in by Rabish12 by the way) in the thread "Gamekult plays Fallout 3", which contains alot of opinions on the translation work of NMA by the way. (Most of course, are not very informed)

    All this aside; the article was a very good read and if there is one place where it could get discussed in a meanigful way it must be in here. (All the swearing and joking aside ;) So get your brains in gear and have a go at it please :)

    I am convinced Bethesda follows a "Production is king" development strategy - and that explains why Fallout 3 seems to be becoming nothing like the previous titles at all ...

    Also the article chews heavily on the "casual gamer/games" concept and talks about the difference between leaders and sheep ...

    It is quite a long read, but worth it.

    EDIT: Arrgh - the art of naming posts in an interesting way escapes me! :) Will this gem be left in the dirt?
    Edit 2: Perhaps 4too has rescued this thread after all ... :)