Black Mountain respawn issue

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    Apr 30, 2019
    I used to do the whole Black Mountain "run": Stealthily defeating multiple Super mutants groups at gates; then at the ruins West of where the road is cut by the crater; then next to the prone satellite dish (laying on its rim / upside down); all the way to the back of the storage building. I'm not sure what happened but in its subsequent "run", there were no foe at the gates, so the first one was next to a ruin just North-West of the crater.

    The only thing that seem different than usual as the spawning issue started was a group of super mutants going up the trail with multiple bear traps
    starting in the curb right after the 1st gate. My PC being a protector of wastelanders, I dispatched of them, then being no foe under the bottom of the crater, I went up and started a "half-run". I'm not sure if it's related but around that time I started having trouble with Dry Wells respawns.

    I then waited what seem to be at least double what I usually wait to do the run and it was a similar situation. > 20 mins in-game after a half-run (I think < 30), I went back to take screenshots and as I was part-way up the trail, I noticed super mutants going down the hill
    ; once again exterminated them, when that was over I noticed some were at the 3rd gate, one was toward the 2nd gate, and one was alive at the 2nd (which I killed soon after).

    Is there a way to reestablish the Black Mountain respawns (and perhaps also Dry Wells) ?

    Thank you kindly