[Blatant self promotion] Just starting; a live Podcast Fallout RPG

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    Sep 2, 2008
    This is a shameless self-plug (MODS, feel free to remove if this is inappropriate)

    I've just started a Fallout RPG game and my group has foolishly/kindly allowed me to broadcast the games as a Podcast. The game is set in Europe ( You may have seen my custom intro video posted elsewhere )

    If you may be interested to listed thought 'my' vision of Fallout (yes, there will be separation away from the "canon") and want to find out how a group of RPG enthusiasts tackle the post apocalyptic wasteland then join us and listen in. It's an audio-only podcast until or when I can properly figure out how to stream a session of video...

    We go live 'nearly' every week on Wednesday or Thursday dependant on working patterns/general real life stuff. And, although we've played session 1 already, I'm now self-promoting this little shindig so that those that may be interested can listed to a Fallout 'inspired' role play group.

    I cannot promise audience interaction, I've already got WAAAYY too much to take care of just making things work while organising a RPG session, but I do appreciate passive commentary or even if you just want to say hi in chat.

    Live on either: