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    The 1920s: A chicken in every pot.
    The 1990s: Internet in every home.
    The 2000s: Broadband in every home.

    What do you guys think of the new high-speed Internet revolution, and the coming of a second age if the Internet, with high qaulity streaming video, and other media impossible on dial-ups?

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    >The 1920s: A chicken in every
    >The 1990s: Internet in every home.
    >The 2000s: Broadband in every home.
    >What do you guys think of
    >the new high-speed Internet revolution,
    >and the coming of a
    >second age if the Internet,
    >with high qaulity streaming video,
    >and other media impossible on

    Let it flow! I personally wouldn't mind eventually obtaining an OC-768 into my home, but that's far from now.

    The more efficient, the better. Maybe it'll replace TV.


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    Apr 3, 2003
    I remember six or seven years ago paying 300$ for a brand new state-of-the-art 14.4 US robotic external modem/fax and loging on to the net with Mosaic. Back then it was mostly text, Yahoo was just a small site (man i wish i'd bought shares back ten) and i'd pay 35$ a month for the connection (when i could get it).

    NOw I have a cable connection for less than 25$ Can with the modem included. Man! you would not believe the speed those porn sites come in. Full streeming video GO GO GO!

    "I'm Ugly and typing with only one hand!"
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    >you would not believe the
    >speed those porn sites come
    >in. Full streeming video GO
    >GO GO!

    ^-- Ugly John here is one of those fundamentalists who adhere to the original, *true* purpose of the web.. :)


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