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    Oct 12, 2016
    Those of you who have checked out my "Tips For Making A Great Character" thread over the past couple of months will notice that I have been updating it.

    Anyway, I've come up with four builds:

    Low Critical

    All builds have four variations: without VATS/Almost Perfect, with VATS and without Almost Perfect, Almost Perfect without VATS, and Almost Perfect with VATS.

    All builds can attack from out of and in stealth, though the Assassin will have the best chance of remaining undetected due to Chinese Stealth Armor. Builds focusing on critical hits need to get as high a critical chance as possible through stats, equipment, VATS usage (if they choose to as part of the build), and perks, they mainly use weapons that deal high critical damage, high damage, and have a good critical chance modifier. Assassins use weapons that deal high damage per shot and deal high critical damage. Low Critical builds use mainly weapons that deal high damage per second as they do not rely on criticals. Pyromaniacs use fire weapons that gain a damage boost from taking Pyromaniac.

    The critical build and assassin use mainly single shot weapons, while the low critical and pyromaniac primarily use an automatic weapon. Each build will also use a melee ranged weapon for saving ammo, grenades for dealing with crowds (endgame they are better than the Fatman due to weight concerns). They also use an automatic Big Gun such as Gatling Lasers for taking down the toughest enemies such as Reavers, Overlords, Behemoths, and Albino Scorpions. Low Critical builds use melee and unarmed attacks to avoid wasting ammo against weaker opposition. Whether they use primarily single shot or automatics determines their endgame companions when karma is concerned. Characters using automatics have companions that use single shot weapons such as Cross, Clover, and Butch. Single shot characters use Fawkes or Cross, Jericho, and Sergeant RL-3 due to them being able to use more powerful automatics. Fawkes, Jericho, and Cross have Big Guns tagged and can have it maxed by endgame and Sergeant RL-3 has a flame thrower (and a plasma weapon).

    Low Critical builds and Pyromaniacs don't need as many perks to maximize their effectiveness as they don't rely on criticals, moreso if they do not get Almost Perfect or do not use VATS, so there is a lot of empty perks slots for further customization.

    All builds get all three ranks of both Iron Fist and Demolition Expert, together with Quantum Chemist, Bloody Mess, Cyborg, Toughness, and Strong Back. All builds using VATS get Action Boy/Girl, Nerves of Steel, Paralyzing Palm, and Grim Reaper's Sprint.
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