Building the Perfect Wastelander.

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  1. James Snowscoran

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    Jun 1, 2011
    ED-E doubles your detection range IIRC, which means it still depends on perception.
  2. Nuka Panda

    Nuka Panda First time out of the vault

    Aug 15, 2011
    St: 9(+1 BoS Armor)
    Pe: 5(+1 Implant)
    En: 9(+1 Implant)
    Ch: 1
    Int: 9 (+1 Implant)
    Agi: 6 (+1 Implant)
    Luc: 1

    After my implants and armor
    S: 10, Pe: 6, End: 10, Ch: 1, Int: 10, Ag: 7(Slayer)

    Heavy Handed
    Good Natured

    lvl 2: Confirmed Bachelor
    lvl 4: Comprehention
    lvl 6: Bloody Mess
    lvl 8: Stonewall
    lvl 10: Super slam
    lvl 12: Piercing Strike
    lvl 14: Jury Rigging
    lvl 16: Tag! (Melee)
    lvl 18: Paralyzing Palm
    lvl 20: Grim Reapers Spirit
    lvl 22: Toughness
    lvl 24: Slayer
    lvl 26: Toughness
    lvl 28: Unstoppable Force
    lvl 30: Purifier

    this is a Classic build. No DLC. This guy is a complete Tank... Boasting a 41 DT Against Ranged, and 46 Against Melee/unarmed. It walks through small armed fire like nothing. The only "trouble" I have are large packs of Swarming deathclaws(Which if I don't "tag" I get purifier which ends this problem) Also Using a Chainsaw, Pushy, and the Ballistic Fist it's almost to easy to kill anything in the game.
  3. Unit 894

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    Aug 23, 2011
    Some advice from me would to get the long haul trait so you can carry all your stuff but still fast travel to dump or sell it!