Cap to real currency comparisons

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    I always thought it was odd that the pc usually becomes wealthy but no one ever notices. You never live the high life. We don't even know what constitutes rich and poor objectively. We know we have one semi-quantifiable extreme, with House having millions of caps, given that he spent 800+ thousand of them in one year hiring scavs to find the platinum chip. But, as with casino money it's difficult to appreciate the value of caps. And the barter skill adds another layer of difficulty to any assessment we might make, but such is the nature of a barter economy. So I guess it's time for rampant speculation.

    How many caps a day do you think people live on? What is the minimum needed to survive? What is the poverty level/a liveable wage in a cap based economy? What is the avg income of common professions?
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    it sorta depends on the location where people live in , for example in freesyde they need 5+ caps for each day ( iirc its 5 cap for the clean water ) ; on the other hand with goodsprings water is basically free if you can defend yourself from the gecko who provides a good source of meet id say in goodsprings 100 caps can last you a while .
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    It is hard to tell because it is a video game. They are not going to take the time to create a detailed economy.

    I found this page on the Fallout Lore Reddit

    According to the LT. Monroe in Boulder City. NCR soldiers make less then 400 caps a month.'s_dialogue

    400 caps is a less suspicious amount. You have enough trouble here as it is.

    [SUCCEEDED] That makes sense, and it's still more than these troopers see in a month.
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