Character builds?

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  1. Mztr44

    Mztr44 First time out of the vault

    Jun 25, 2007
    S 6
    P 7 (before 4 eyed applied)
    E 6
    C 3
    I 8
    A 5
    L 5

    Traits: 4 Eyed & Wild Wasteland

    Early Perks: Intense Training (str), Hunter, Toughness

    Tagged skills: Science, Survival, Guns

    In all the Fallouts my first playthrough has been with a generic sniper/scientist type. Which intentionally or not the game catered to me on that build. The first companion I got was ED-E and then Boone. Between my own perception (w/glasses and hat) and ED-E's bonus perk it was pretty annoying though. I would see a couple gold markers surrounded by red ones on the compass and think some friendlies were being attacked for me to save only to discover it was just a couple of crows and some radscorpions. Or it would be an NPC who was way off in the distance and baddies close up. I definitely wont be making high perception characters in the future.

    The skills I concentrated on were my tag skills along with repair. I also dribbled points(1 or 2 per level) into medicine and barter and enough into lockpicks that I could do the 25 skill req locks without using a magazine every time.
  2. Starwars

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    Sep 17, 2006
    Female character

    S: 5
    P: 4
    E: 4 (I think)
    C: 8
    I: 9
    A: 5
    L: 5

    Traits: Good Natured & whatever it's called that increases accuracy but slows down firing

    Tags: Barter, Speech, Science

    Has been quite a lot of fun. Have chosen perks which affect dialogue, including Black Widow, Cherchez la femme and Terrifying presence.

    Even with very low skills in weapons, it's (unfortunately) not too hard to deal with most enemies on the "main path". The tougher ones like the Deathclaws and Cazadors can be real problems though.

    Barter is definitely improved overall since the older games. It's checked pretty often in dialogue (though it often occupies a similar role as a Speech check, but sometimes it differs). Speech has allowed me to do a bunch of neat things and Science as well.

    Fun character and I feel it's been well-catered for New Vegas (definitely not the case in F3).
  3. AtomicSabotage

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    Jul 15, 2010
    I'm going for a power armor run on my second playthrough. Focusing on energy weapons/explosives.


    Low PER because I'll be using ED-E throughout the game and his radar is basically the equivalent of 10+ PER. High CHA for speech checks. Everything else is fairly balanced except for LUK and AGL obviously. I probably should have exchanged the 8 CHA for 8 LUK but based on my first playthrough, a speech oriented character should be nice.
  4. DasCryborg

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    Nov 2, 2010
    This build is to show you simply how amazing Unarmed/Melee is in Fallout New Vegas compared to FO3 (Melee is still so much more insane in FO1,2,T)

    ‎8Str 5Per 9End 1Chr 6Int 6Agi 5Lck
    Character Traits = Heavy Handed and if wanted Built to Destroy (I took it)
    Tag Skills: Lock Pick, Sneak, Melee/Unarmed/Guns (what ever suits your initial play style ... I chose Unarmed, Lockpick, and Melee)
    Intense Training: PER or Luck (at level 2 I took Luck)
    Educated (Level 4)
    Comprehension (Level 6)
    Scrounger (Lvl 8)
    Finess (Lvl 10)
    Piercing Strike (Lvl 12)
    Toughness 1 (Lvl 14
    Better Criticals (Level 16)
    Toughness 2 (Lvl 18)
    Ninja (LLvl 20)
    Grim Reaper Sprint (Lvl 22)
    Slayer (Lvl 24)
    Perks 26, 28, and 30 Are all Freebies So take what you will to suit your play style.

    Main Skills:
    Unarmed: 100
    Melee: 80-100
    Sneak: 80-100

    Secondary Skills:
    Lockpick: 70-100
    Science: 70-100
    Repair: 50
    Speach: 50
    Barter: 50
    Guns: 75 (good for Sniper Rifle w/ silencer if you want to pick off a couple of targets before running in and giving your opponents the beat down of a life time)

    ALL Implants just make sure you get endurance implant before it tells you that you are nolonger healthy enough (Endurance -1 = number of implants you can get)

    Stats w/ Implants and Intense Training=
    9Str 6Per 10End 2Cha 7Int 7Agi 7Lck

    Ballistic Fist
    Super Sledge
    Modded Sniper Rifle (Silenced and Carbon Parts)
    Boones Beret (+1 PER and +5% Crit Chance)
    Combat Armor Mark 2 (25lbs for 20DT)
    Authority Glass + 2 Per (Plus 3 if you took Four Eyes)
    Rebreather (Breathe Under Water and +3 DT)
    Chems to stack all odds in your favor in any fight ... (Psycho + Slasher + Med X = 50% Damage Resistance and Additional 50% Damage)

    With this character I can Spank Alpha Deathclaws up close and personal. Still Haven't Run into Legendary Deathclaws ... lucky Son of a B ...

    Here is where it all comes together:
    For each point of Endurance that is an additional 2 points of damage per unarmed attack (Strength only adds .5 per point) and Heavy Handed adds +20dmg -20% Critical damage (Each weapon has a specific Crit Damage so say its Crit Damage was normally 100 it would only do an aditional 80 points)

    Balistic Fist Stats:
    80Dmg + 80Critical Damage REQ for efficiant use 9Str and 100 Unarmed Skill

    Now with ALL of these perks and gear I have set out for this Character ...

    The Ballistic Fist is now

    120 DAM + about 108 Crit DAM w/2 Attacks per second ... 35% Chance to crit or 50% Chance to Crit in Vats however you get less attacks per second. (with out chems)

    Oh lets not forget most mobs have about 15-30 DT at higher levels ... But you brought that down to 0-15 with piercing strike effectively doing 15 more points of damage if my understanding of DT is correct.

    Character Summary:
    9Str 6(9)Per 10End 2Cha 7Int 7Agi 7Lck
    30-33 DT
    Loads of HP cant recall exactly how many ...
    120 - 228 Damage every half a second!
    Can easily pick off targets with Free Aim Sniping!

    I have my other build that I am going to post soon ... Which is pretty much a Whirlwind of Energy Weapon Death I took out 11 guys in 1 VATS with this guy before they had time to React! I am only level 18 as well!