Character Builds?

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    Oct 12, 2016
    Recently, I played through the whole game and its DLC's with a character who uses only energy weapons. I used to have a text file detailing the different characters I would use, including names to match the karma path. Here is the list I had of the characters I planned:

    Small Guns Sharpshooter-uses small guns only
    Big Guns Sharpshooter-uses big guns only
    Brawler-uses unarmed weapons only
    Melee Warrior-uses melee weapons only
    Energy Weapons Sharpshooter-uses energy weapons only
    Pyromaniac-uses all weapons affected by Pyromaniac perk
    Silent Assassin-uses Chinese Stealth Armor and silenced weapons only

    Yet I learned through my recent playthrough that you can actually raise all skills to 100 if you find enough skill magazines, have high intelligence, comprehension and educated perks, and find all the bobbleheads. Which means that it is very easy to build a jack-of-all-trades character.

    Can someone give me tips on how to create a character that can handle any situation and with whom I can enjoy the game with?
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    Tag Small Guns, Lockpick, and Repair. Simply allocate points to the skills you use/need most. Get the Comprehension perk and find a guide on where all of the skill books are. Get the Swift Learner perk so that you won't have to grind for levels as long.

    Small Guns offer the widest variety of tactical options out of the combat skills. Lockpicking is available more than hacking and lockpicking can usually be used in place of it. Fallout 3 has crazy weapon and armor degradation, so repair is very important. Barter, Medicine, and Speech are used minimally(not many skill checks). Unarmed, Explosives, Big Guns, and Melee are very limited both in scope and in tactical variety. Energy Weapons are only useful late game because you won't find enough to maintain the ones you find until later, and the good ones only come after you advance the plot.