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  1. Stokes

    Stokes First time out of the vault

    May 5, 2004
    Name: "Hurricane" Stokes
    Age: 25
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 230
    Race: Human

    Appearance: Hulking, muscular. Receding, buzzed, blonde hair. Hazel eyes. Scars around forehead and area around the eyes. Always wears a 5 o' clock shadow. Very calm demeanor. Does not speak much, but his respect stems from the resolute calmness and assuredness of his actions towards even the most horrific situations. Not shy...just quiet.

    Background: Grew up in Allentown, PA. Learned the skill of boxing at an early age. Got too dominant too early and retired. Had aspirations to join the Allentown Guard and trained very hard in a very short time, but did not make the grade. It took him a week to get the travel bug. His father told him tales of a fantastic stadium once called "The Garden" that once held the greatest boxing matches known to man. He wishes to visit this stadium...if it still stands. May or may not have a secret.

    Equipment: Weighted Boxing Gloves, Spiked Knuckles, M14 slung across his back, couple of stimpacks, radio(claims it does not work and is just on his person for sentimental value), Mark II leather armor

    Skills: Extremely exceptional in unarmed combat. Lots of str/end, charismatic. Very good at hiding (gotta be good at hiding in the streets of Allentown) not bad with a rifle.
  2. Carib FMJ

    Carib FMJ Nuka-Cola Chaser

    Nov 8, 2003
    Carib (Fallout 1 Prequel)

    Name: Carib
    Age: 25
    Sex: Male
    Race: Human
    Nationality: American
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 174 .lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Dark Hazel brown
    Appearance: You see a slim figure in a leather jacket. He looks of Negroe and Asian descent. A tattoo runs from his left wrist to his neck. And he has the look of a pirate about him. (Skull and Cross Bones marked on the back of his jacket). he wears a pair of real cool shades.

    ST- 6 (Good): Growing up in the streets of the Bone Yard has rooted out the weak a long time ago. Carib is fit, having done many hard labor tasks, and as a boy, he was forced to work for the Regulators. This has made him strong, thopugh not as strong as others.

    PE- 8 (Great): Spending more time in the streets has also helped young Carib be aware of 'things'. Sights, smells and sounds. With death claws on the prowl, one has to keep an open eye.

    EN- 6 (Good): Carib is fit as well as strong, with an above averge health and cardiovascualr fitness. Though he was born with no real protection against radiation or some kinds of poisonings. But he can take a punch, having been toughened up in the mean streets and wilderness.

    CH- 4 (Fair) 5 with Shades: Like his Father before him, Carib never quiet grasped the subtles of diplomacy. Growing up in the post apocalypse, one has to live by the gun or the closed fist. Though he can talk nice, Carib is rough around the edges, and tends to use mental or physical violence to get his points across. But he does possess a guile about him.

    IN- 5 (Average): he can read and write, and discern warnings, but his math skills aren't the best. Think struggling high schooler. He does like books and tends to derive knowledge from them. Cunning and basic common sense.

    AG- 8 (Great): Good hand and eye coordination. Carib can do minor acrobatic manuevers as well as move deftly with his hands, releaving his victims of loot.

    LK- 3 (Poor): Carib has never put his faith in higher beings. As such, he has dismissed all uses of chance and fate, relying on surer things. That's maybe the reason why he always lands in trouble. Be it some angry mobsters at the wrong place or at the right time, or just trouble. But for some reason, he always seems to come out top.

    - Fast Shot
    - Fast Metabolism

    SKILLS (TAGGED) Best at
    - Small Guns
    - Unarmed
    - Melee
    - Lockpick
    - Sneak

    BIO: Carib is a thief, pirate, and nomadic traveller with a heart of gold. Though he maybe means like a rattle snake and rude as hell, he is a man of honor and principle. He'd kill, but being a thief, one sees it’s not necessary to take life; but he'll do it if need be or when he's really pissed. Many reasons why he never stays in one place. If his talking can't get him out of trouble, his gun will do the talking for him. Carib was born and raised in the mean streets of post ragnarok LA, now called the Bone Yard. He lived his life as a local thug, though he never robbed the innocent. He often got in scuffles, beating up his opposition and getting beat up. His stubborn determination to rise on top impressed many... Even his enemies.

    His only family was some people who lived in an Old Library that called them the Followers and his kid brother, Ryan... who currently lives in Junk Town.

    Carib had a girl friend, but she was killed in a gang war between a group called the Rippers and the Blades. She was caught in the middle and she was stabbed to death by a chem'd up Ripper ganger. Since then, Carib hardened his heart and went to drinking, and basically took his rage out on everyone, not caring who it was. Eventually his hot head landed him in trouble.

    He was exiled by the Regulators after a dispute went sour, and Carib ended up killing two gangers and a Regulator. Avellone was even on his tail and he had to flee.

    He took jobs, though he became well known as a Water Thief of sorts, even pirating Water from the Water Merchants. So he doesn't sit well with them, even though they hired him now and again to 'mess' with the competition. He works mainly for Decker for the time being, and even does jobs as a Thief. Though he keeps that part of his life hush hush, since Kane or Decker have no use for thieves.

    His main passion is Nuka Cola production and delivery, and he is responsible for delivering that Nuka Cola goodness to people in the wastes. He often travels with a few bottles, and he himself is a Nuka Cola addict.

    After some deal went sour in the North, Carib now had to cut a deal with a shady Cartel. To make matters worse, in his possession is a suit case which belongs to this same cartel, and they have made it perfectly clear that he will die a painful death if it isn’t handed over immediately.

    Carib headed north, and now moves from settlement, usually walking the circuit from Hub, to the BOS and now in Shady Sands. He schemes and dreams, trying to gather enough funds to buy sanctuary in a mythical place south of the boarder called EL RAY. El Ray is a haven and he plans to gather the money needed to buy his way so he can find his little brother and live the remainder of his life in peace... For now, Bounty hunters and some two-bit mercs are after a small price on his head, and to return a brief case to its owners before they bury him and his brother.

    Carib is slick with a gun and has pretty good strength, aside from his lack of natural defense against radiation; he often is forced to rely on RAD-AWAY and Rad-X pills, which he carries a large amount of. He is a man who can use what his hands get. Be it a sledge hammer, or some edged weapon. Carib has seen the need to utilize weapons to get his point across.

    The Nuka Cola man has some family remaining, His Father Harry 'Krumb' O'Reilly and his brother Ryan and Maxwell O'Reilly. Carib is the eldest. Maxwell is a wanderer clad in black who acts a ranger of sorts, helping the weak and defenceless (Mysterious Stranger)... Ryan is one of the Nuka COla Managers, slowly rising to the top. Carib is part time, but enjoys working with his littel brother and spreading the cola across the wastes. They have a healthy relationship and is even a God Father to Ryan's son, Cassidy.

    Other Info:
    Place of Birth: Adytum, LA Bone Yard
    Date of Birth: 16/05/2140
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    -Leather Jacket with some padded flak, he also wears a white vest underneath and a pair of dark black denim jeans.

    -Desert Eagle .44
    -Combat Knife

    -500 Caps
    -Zippo Lighter
    -Tic Timer Atomic Watch
    -Guns and Bullets Magazine
    -Mirrored shades
    -two volumes of .44 FMJ bullets
    -A brief case
    -Some Nuka Cola.
  3. Elissar

    Elissar Venerable Relic of the Wastes

    Aug 31, 2003
    Character Name: Caleb
    Age: 21
    Sex: Male
    Race: Human
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Height: 5'7"
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: reddish brown

    Equipment: Desert eagle .44, 1 combat knife, 3 stimpacks, 1 first aid kit a length of rope, Leather Armor, a light tan cloak, two boxes of .44 JHP ammo, a small pouch containg a few coins.

    Appearance: Caleb's tan cloak provides him protection from the sun and from the cool breeses at night. it also allows him to blend in better with the desert, making him harder to spot at long distances. Beneath the cloak he wears a set of Leather Armor. Attached to the armor a shoulder holster,holds his pistol securely to his left side. A combat knife rests in a sheath strapped to the side of his right boot.

    Details: History deleted for being too damn cliche. (i'll work on a better back story and just might get around to joining in a RP story soon... If it werent for the damn work i gotta do.. damn who would have thought going to a combat zone would be such a pain in the ass, oh well, at least i have no social life to worry about.)

    Not sure exactly where I'm going to fit in yet.. But I've RP'ed before, I'm sure i'll find a niche somewhere.
  4. Prudence

    Prudence It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Dec 17, 2003
    Fallout Wasteland Character -Samantha Solo

    Name: Sam Solo
    Age: 18
    Sex: Female
    Race: Human
    Nationality: Native American
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 120 .lbs
    Hair: Raven Black
    Eyes: Pearl black
    Appearance: You see a woman of Native American descent smile at you with a devil may care grin. Her hair is neatly plaited into two braids which hang together, and her skin is a dark red, slightly brick brown from days of wondering in the inhospitable desert wasteland. Sam is round faced, with a small chin and kitten like nose. Two or three battle scars decoration her body. A BOS tattoo of a sword and Gear sprocket are tattooed on her left arm. She is skinny in build, having a medium bust, modest and firm. Her demeanor is that of self confidence and aloofness you may come to respect or despise.

    She wears some sturdy leather armor that seems a bit different from the usual, since it bares the Brotherhood of Steel insignia on left shoulder guard and is laced with ceramic.

    ST - 7 (Very Good) Sam is very strong, her strength comes from diligent training under the watchfulness of her Father Rhombus. His daughter is no weakling, able to wield a minigun without the aid of Power Armor.

    PE - 6 (Good) She has above average perception, keeping her in tune with what is going around the Base as well as the outside world, which she spends most of her time.

    EN - 8 (Very Good) Eating healthy, and working out pays off, Sam can endure, able to go a while without sleep or eating. The BOS breeds no weakness.

    CH - 6 (Good) unlike her fellow Paladins, Sam has done well to sharpen her people skills, and since she does errands for her mentor, Vree, she has learned to talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk. She is likeable and not as stand offish as the rest of her peers, having wandered the vast wastes in search of books, she has seen there is more to people than guns and death. Sam knows she is pretty, and uses that to her advantage.

    IN - 9 (Excellent) her intelligence is superb, having been the top student in her class, many wonder why she never became a scribe. She understands mathematics, science and other skills, which also aid her as a medic of sorts.

    AG - 7 (Very Good) Very good hand to eye co-ordination. She can walk a tight rope or even do some gymnastics.

    LK - 4 (Fair) Life is so and so with Sam, and she doesn't really care.

    -Small Frame

    -Energy Weapons
    -Melee Weapons

    PROFILE: Samantha Solo is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, a Knight of the Order. The only daughter of Chief Paladin, Rhombus. Though her relationship is sound with Rhombus, they do have different points of view. Mainly her decision to become a knight offended her father instead of becoming a Paladin like himself. She has the prowess to lead, but instead wishes to study and build, taking points from her mentor and role model Vree.

    Her views of the outside are more understanding and less prejudiced than the rest of the Brotherhood, as she does see hope in the land, and after her missions in the wasteland to retrieve forgotten texts, she has learnt a great deal. Thus puts pressure on her relationship with her father, who wishes his daughter didn't look at things so idealistically.

    Samantha, Sam to her friends is a wild spirit, a lover of fast cars and the wastelands treasures. She now scours the wastes, traveling between Hub, LA, Junk Town and even Shady Sands in search of old books.

    Her one companion is a wild dog she found and raised from a pup. The dog's name is Tuco, and he follows her where ever she goes.

    Right now she works a part time job as a Book finder for Ms. Stapleton in hub, getting books and keeping the ones of her choice as her finder’s fee. Sam’s identity as a Brother of Steel Knight isn’t an secret, it is because of this people tend to leave her alone, for fear of the iron fist of Rhombus coming down upon their heads.

    She was last seen scouting the north, a fellow Brotherhood Steel member went missing.

    (Remember the guy the Rough Guards kidnapped)

    -Brotherhood Leather Armor w/ceramic

    -Dual Colt .45 M1911A1 (main side arm)
    -AK-112 Assault Rifle w/scope
    -Combat Knife

    -5mm AP clips x2
    -.45 Caliber ammo clips x12
    -Small Energy Cells
    -Motion Sensor
    -Compressed Rations for three weeks journey
    -Water Canteens x2
    -Deans Electronics Book
    -Big Book of science
    -Misc. Books
    -PIPBoy 2000
    -Geiger Counter
    -Anti-Rad Kit
    -Medic Pack
  5. SuAside

    SuAside Testament to the ghoul lifespan

    May 27, 2004
    Just a brief undetailed description of a character i would like to enter into the FO wasteland.

    I've never done this and my english might not be that great since it's my third language ...

    I will immediately stop posting if any original writer thinks that im ruining the atmosphere.

    Name: Richard (last name unknown)
    Often referred to as: "The Techy"
    Age: 21
    Sex: Male
    Race: Human
    Height & weight: a bit skinny & a bit smaller than normal built
    Hair: Brownish black
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Skin: whitey with a tan

    Appearance: Short blackish hair, goatee, glasses. You only see his face because his body is hidden under a long black leather jacket (modded: pieces of Radscorp exoskeleton attached to the back, shoulder & front for reinforcement).

    Character: People view him as naïve but that isn't necessarily the case. He tend to keep to himself and remain very quiet. He's a good listener and only speaks when he really has something important to say.

    Background: He once was a promising scribe in the BOS but he left after having fallen out against a higher ranking officer (he taught that the BOS should take up protection of the less fortunate and do more than sending some simple raids against the raiders). He received extensive science training and he always loved to tinker around with things which is why none of his gear is standard issue. Now tries to survive by scrounging, fixing things for people & the odd job every now and then...

    * High repair skill
    * High science skill
    * High intelligence
    * Very skilled in weapon maintenance (pretty normal since he used to design them...)
    * Excellent shot with (dual wield) pistols
    * Low profile wanderer (easily overlooked and ignored)

    * Very mediocre skill with longarms
    * Utter crap with big guns
    * Pretty low endurance (but he has learned to live with pain)
    * Doesn't see sh*t without his glasses, but has pretty good ears
    * Very poor in HtH

    * 2 Black Prewar Colt Delta Elite 10mm (modded with removable silencers and LAM lasersights but the batteries are dead...)
    (2 shoulderholsters under the black coat)
    * Brass knuckles
    (low on ammo, which will be explained when i introduce my character)

    * Long leather jacket modded with radscorp exoskeleton attached to the back, shoulders & front
    * Black military pants (lots of pockets)
    * Spare leather jacket
    * Backpack
    * Water canteen x4
    * Rations for about 2 weeks (standard wasteland food)
    * Utility knife
    * Pair of pliers
    * Pair of spare glasses
    * Electronic lockpick/diagnostic tool
    * 1 IV of RadAway
    * Some stims
    * Some hash to take the edge off
    * A half bottle of vodka
    * Some parts and junk he has been collecting that might come in useful someday

    I'd like to be introduced into the storyline just before or just after the group has dealt with the radscorps (before would be nice ;-), but im going to wait for the OK of an admin or another writer from the FO story...
  6. SuAside

    SuAside Testament to the ghoul lifespan

    May 27, 2004
    Did some extra thinking and came up with this:


    ST - 6 (Good): Although he was a scribe the present events kind of forced him to develop some physical strength, the wastes are no place for a sissy.

    PE - 6 (Good): All the time he spend reading books and watching a computerscreen did no good to his eyes, but as often found in nature, a weakness is accompanied by a strength: He was blessed with pretty good ears.

    EN - 4 (Fair): Richard tends to get wounded pretty quick and unfortunately he does not heal particularly fast. However he has never broken a single bone.

    CH - 4 (Fair): As said above, he tends to keep to himself and is not one for chatter. However he is well educated, well mannered and does not often loose his temper. He will always answer efficiently when spoken to, but will rarely initiate a conversation.

    IN - 10 (Heroic): As a child he was found to have the ability of abstract thought and thus preformed very well in math. Later he turned to applied sciences and found working with tools to test his ideas quite pleasurable.

    AG - 9 (Excellent): He was blessed with very good reflexes (a strong neural net, which partially explains his smarts) and tinkering with sensitive weapons only helped him gain better control over himself. Even before he considered going out into the desert Richard was actively training with his Delta Elites which explain his dual wield skills (which were handed to him by his grandfather and now are his most priced things in this world ).

    LK - 8 (Great): Although his scientific mind does not allow him to believe in a thing such as luck, he seems to be blessed with more chance than others. The odd luck of seeing a raiders weapon explode in his face is not unknown to him.


    - Gifted: It is quite clear he was a gifted child.
    - One Hander: He always trained with pistols but found himself at a loss when trying to master rifles or really big guns. Although he was blessed with a good nervous system he just cant seem to close his left eye without closing his right eye too! Of course this is not really handy when trying to aim with a rifle if you generally are righthanded... He always seemed to loose control over big guns, even the lighter support weapons.


    - Small guns (in fact also laserpistols or other energybased one handed guns)
    - Science (early exposure to math and general science. Advanced computertraining and Advanced applied sciences at the BoS)
    - Repair (since his youth he found disassembling and assembling stuff fun. he also has the urge to upgrade all things that come near him)

    (his combined science and repair skill enable him to understand more about traps and explosives, although not as good as a professional thief would)
  7. SuAside

    SuAside Testament to the ghoul lifespan

    May 27, 2004
    Ok last try of finding my own background, if you guys don't like it i'll go with Welshes advice

    (if this idea is shutdown at least someone can recycle the idea into another RPG)

    Revised profile:


    Everyone knows the BoS was founded by a military group that rebelled against the scientists in the "military base" (aka Mariposa). Well, it is said they left the military base for an small bunker (being the primary base of the BoS in FO1). Furthermore it is said that all military personnel followed Captain Roger Maxson there, but it is not known if all civilians followed too (FO bible info). Now, if it is ok with you guys i would incarnate one of the descendants of the people that stayed.

    They themselves had to move on when provisions ran dry at the military base and moved north to another small bunker where they pretty much sealed themselves off. (they did not turn to the BoS because of 2 reasons: 1) they never heard anything from them after they left 2) it was feared that bunker would be too small to house everyone).

    [edit following Welsh' pointers]
    Richard left to see the world, the bunker and surrounding area were getting way to boring for him. He is always looking for something new to play with and things that could help his community back home. (i'll think about this background a bit more to give it some depth).


    ST - 6 (Good): Although he was a researcher, the present events kind of forced him to develop some physical strength, the wastes are no place for a sissy.

    PE - 7 (Very good): All the time he spend reading books and watching a computerscreen did no good to his eyes, but as often found in nature, a weakness is accompanied by a strength: He was blessed with pretty good ears.

    EN - 4 (Fair): Richard tends to get wounded pretty quick and unfortunately he does not heal particularly fast. However he has never broken a single bone.

    CH - 4 (Fair): As said above, he tends to keep to himself and is not one for chatter. However he is well educated, well mannered and does not often loose his temper. He will always answer efficiently when spoken to, but will rarely initiate a conversation.

    IN - 8 (Great): As a child he was found to have the ability of abstract thought and thus preformed very well in math. Later he turned to applied sciences and found working with tools to test his ideas quite pleasurable.

    AG - 9 (Excellent): He was blessed with very good reflexes (a strong neural net, which partially explains his smarts) and tinkering with sensitive weapons only helped him gain better control over himself. Even before he considered going out into the desert Richard was actively training with his Delta Elites which explain his dual wield skills (which were handed to him by his grandfather and now are his most priced things in this world ).

    LK - 9 (Excellent): Although his scientific mind does not allow him to believe in a thing such as luck, he seems to be blessed with more chance than others. The odd luck of seeing a raiders weapon explode in his face is not unknown to him.
  8. Brother_Wavelength

    Brother_Wavelength First time out of the vault

    Jun 6, 2004
    Name: Brother Actinism
    Real Name: Unknown (Doesn't remember)
    Age: Unknown; presumed very, very old.
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'10''
    Weight: 115 lbs.
    Hair: None
    Eyes: Milky white orbs
    Description: A shriveled wretch of a mutant. Covered in head to toe with (once) white bandages to protect raw, ravaged flesh. Wears a filthy black robe several sizes too big. Face is obscured by large hood, dark goggles to protect his almost melted eyes, and a respirator mask connected to an air tank on back.

    "SPECIAL" stats: At level 1
    Str:2 Skills of Note: Doctor 64%
    Per:4 Science 70%
    End:10 Speech 75%

    Background: When the bombs dropped, Thaddeus Wagner was not too far away from ground zero. An amish man from the country, he was visiting a big city to get medicine for his dying wife. The bombs detonated as he was entering the city; he was looking right into the blast. His pupils and corneas were badly damaged, any doctor would have told him he'd never see again. His skin was burned away, leaving raw flesh and muscle. He came down with an almost fatal case of radiation poisoning. But yet he survived...

    Over the weeks and months that Thaddeus spent wandering in a terrible, blind, agonizing fever, his mind boiled and lost his memories and his sanity. He developed horrendous mutations that seemed like a long wasting leprosy. Stranger yet, he developed a need, a dependancy upon polluted air; If the air was not contaminated with a toxin or with radiation, he could not breathe it. Finally, strangest of all, he began to beleive this all to be a blessing... some gift from some horrible god-entity he called "The Glow".

    His sight returned, his mind cleared, and his ravaged body survived, but he was a changed man. He has no memories of before that horrible day, the day he believed "the Glow" visited the Earth. Furthermore, he had become completely immune to disease, poisonous substances, and all varieties of radiation. Rather, he seemed to thrive on radiation, needing nothing else for sustenence. He heard the call of his god, "the Glow", and always having been a man of strong faith and conviction, he followed the call. He decided to spread the word of the glow, to show mutants how they were "blessed" and they were the new leaders of the new world. He spoke words of peace between mutant and human, of that all peoples would eventually be mutant, especially the children of todays norms; that the norms had allowed this new age to come, and now they were leaving it, and they were to be respected and helped like a dying grandparent, rather than looked down upon. He covered himself with bandages to protect his raw flesh from the sand storms, his eyes -that only saw because "the Glow" needed him to see- he covered with dark goggles. He picked up a tank of noxious gas from a chemisty lab and a breathing mask. He donned a black robe and picked up a nuclear physics book, and set out to preach the good word...

    (OCC Obviously Thaddeus is completely insane, but some of his supposed "powers" really do work, like curing sickness, and going long times with nothing but background radiation for food. Maybe some pseudo-science explanations later, but hey, it is Sci-Fi (emphasis on the Fi in Thaddeus's case), isn't it? These days Thaddeus would probobly be interested in anything having to do with the Master and his mutants, ghouls where ever they are, and the location known as "the Glow".)

    Inventory: His clothing consists of what rags remain what he was wearing when the bombs dropped, lots and lots of bandages (we're talking a mummy here), black robes/ huge shadowy hood, black welders goggles, medical respirator mask hooked up to a CO tank (yep, carbon monoxide; he loves the stuff), a control rod from a reactor for a walking stick (and occasionally a bashing stick), and his "bible" -a college nuclear physics class text book.
  9. Roadrunner

    Roadrunner First time out of the vault

    Jun 5, 2004
    Name: Roadrunner
    Age: 18
    Sex: Female
    Nationality: Mexican
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 113 .lbs
    Hair: Raven Black
    Eyes: Mahogany brown
    Appearance: Roadrunner is a short, light brown skinned beauty of the wastes, with two tails of braided hair on each side of her oval shaped head and s traight nose which seems very uncommon from her mexican heritage. The look seems almost native american or even a possible mixture of negroe parentage. Slender, but strong arms with some scars and weather worn hands that are toughened by living in the wilderness, as well as some old whip lash scars from her younger years from her brutal father. Two hoop earings pof fine gold in her ears and al sorts of bangales adorn her wrists and neck. She wears a worn, but fine black shirt with Cat's Paw state on the chest and a pair of low rise black jeans. Thin eyebrows on a cherubic face and a cute little girlish pout. Has a small frame that helps her snake out of most tight situations when need be.

    ST 4 (Good)
    PE 9 (Excellent)
    EN 8 (Excellent)
    CH 4 (Fair)
    IN 4 (Fair)
    AG 10 (Heroic)
    LK 8 (Great)

    Noted skills
    -Small Guns

    -A couple Throwing Knife
    -Magnum Revolver
    -.44 JHP (Some rounds)
    -A Duffel bag
    -Some Caps
    -Water Flask
    -Some assorted junk
    -Dryed meat
    -Lockpick set
    -A few stimpaks

    HISTORY: Roadrunner is a scavenger and gypsy, born and bred to feed off the dead and dying of the wastes. A child of a quiet Church woman and a father whose profession was that of a hangman. Though she loved her parents and they loved her, they couldn't handle that their beloved Roadrunner had a gift. A gift of foresight. She could see things, sometimes sense thoughts or events. Her parents had a different opinion of thier offspring's gift, to her mother it was curse, to her father thought it was the work of demons and whipped his daughter, hoping to purge the devils in her. By fourteen, the whipping became too much, Roadrunner ran from her home and went to and fro through the wastes. Never turning back to that small community of Los Salvadores again.

    As a nomad, a trait she picked up from her gypsy heritage, she's lived anywhere from the Bone Yard to the Hub. Very prized for her spunky attitude and her small supple body that seems to fit in every nook and cranny. And her ability to detect things or charms and such. She always carries around a deck of cards that help foresee certain events. Thus because of her nature as a gypsy, she is naturally an outcast and blamed when she foretells an event and it comes to past. Thus making her an outcast with no home or people.

    As an outcast, she tends to hang around with down trodden. her real best friend in the world is Harold, the old run down mutant who tells her stories in exchange for food. Bold and brash, Roadrunner comes to you, rather then you go to her to make an introduction. She enjoys soft drinks and hates alcohol or anything that would mess with her perception of her surroundings.

    She carries around an old .44 Magnum revolver which was given to her as a gift from a friend who got killed by some local toughs. It has served her well, and she has conserved the ammunition over the time. But being as small as she is, and soft to the tread, who would notice this small dark child who passes in and out the shadows? But she loathes her gift, not knowing when or how it comes. When it comes it comes and sometimes the meaning is found out when it is too late.
  10. EVilzealot

    EVilzealot First time out of the vault

    May 23, 2004
    Name: Zed
    Hair:short brown
    Height: 2m
    weight: 100 kg

    Backround: He was born in normal family in a small Farming village. He was bigger than the other children of his age and had suffered a brain damage when he was baby. Braindamage caused him to act violently and he would not ever be as smart as other kids of his age . When he was seven he Killed brahmin by his Dads piperifle, when he was fifteen he killed his parents. The peoples of the Village didnt want to kill poor Zed so they threw him out to the wasteland. He once Met a man who said that he could make zed rich, he started to arrange Boxing matches to Zed. In two years he became a local Boxing champion, but he noticed that his manager took most of his prize moneys, so he killed his manager. But no-one wanted to manger him anymore so he left to the wastes once again.

    Leather armor
    hunting rifle

    2 stimpaks
    Gas mask(its his lucky item)
    his old boxing gloves


    (sorry about my bad writing but english isnt my main languake)
  11. PyroPhoenix

    PyroPhoenix Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Jun 13, 2004
    Ok here goes nothing

    name:Ezekiel Westhus
    hair:medium length blonde
    eyes:green with yellow flecks
    age:roughly 20

    Appearence:He is of average height and build with a slight gut (from all his successful hunting). He wears brown khaki shorts with side pockets and a white T-shirt, a pair of gray tennis shoes(very well worn), with a sleaveless geckoskin vest with sown in metal plates as armor.he has a chiseled face with slight stubble and he wears his hair combed back.

    Equipment:Along with his geckoskin vest, pistol and hunting knife he carries a backpack with a small amount of food and water, a lighter, rope, ammunition and a few tools and bit of tech which he uses to repair stuff. He also carries a bandoleer of nailbombs(picture a pipebomb with dozens of nails taped to it for large amounts of shrapnel),which he made himself, and a pair of riding goggles to protect his eyes.

    Story: Zeke is a straightforward and honest person that does things more brashly than most. He had been raised by his father because his mother had died during childbirth. His childhood was spent in a small farmhouse in the middle of nowhere in which his dad would hunt for food and raised him to go out into the world.
    Zeke was tought how to read as his father thought it was an important trait(he would thank him for it later). One night his father left to hunt geckos for food.....and never came back. That night it had begun to rain and zeke got worried,his father had been gone for quite a few hours. After a long time he could no longer stand it. He ran to the bedroom and took his fathers old colt .45 from under the bed and took off out the door to look for him. Sure enough after an hour of walking he found his father facedown in a puddle of mud...with a gecko standing over him. Zeke couldn't believe his eyes and let out a scream that stunned the gecko. He glared at it with supreme hatred in his eyes and level the handgun at it. Just as it charged at him he let loose and tore it to pieces with 5 rapid shots to the head and neck. He went to check on his father but it was already far too late for any attempts at recesssitation. Zeke grudginly buried his father the next day after tearing the gecko's corpse into a thousand pieces with his father's hunting knife. He had no idea of how to fend for himself or what to do. After 2 days he was famished. One idea struck hunt. He set out at day break and used a piece of the gecko he had shot to lure in more geckos(his dad once told him they hunted by smell)sure enough they came and he shot one. He dragged it home and cooked it. This was his turning point in life where he knew he could fend for himself. He spent the next year fending for himself until one day a caravan came by and he decided to leave home and enter the world. When he got to a small town he became the apprentice to a repairman and learned how to fix things in his bosses garage(which was filled to the brim with tons of useless junk to tinker with). Here he found his second calling,repearing stuff,and stuck to it. The town he stayed in had a small libraby and he set to educating himself. He had picked up many skills in the few years since his fathers death and decided to become a caravan guard and drift across the wastes, where he now continues to exist as a drifter

    Ok that about does it (sorry about the long ass backstory but i wanted to make a good character). I hope it works and i am open to suggestions. (^_^)
  12. SuAside

    SuAside Testament to the ghoul lifespan

    May 27, 2004
    A character to join Kilrick: not a lot of background so you'll have to find out more as we get along :)

    name: Logan
    age: late twenties
    sex: male
    race: whitey
    height: 1m80
    weight: 80kg
    hair: black crewcut
    eyes: dark brown (most of the time bloodshot)
    appearance: Average muscular white male with a tan, thin face, goatee (sp?). Wears a long black brahmin leather trenchcoat, black backpack, dark urban camo army pants, darkblue bulletproof vest and a black bandana. His Scorpio is holstered on his right leg and the Gauss pistol in a shoulderholster.

    ST 06 good
    PE 08 great
    EN 06 good
    CH 06 good
    IN 08 great
    AG 09 excellent
    LK 05 average

    Finesse & Gifted

    Main skillfocus on small arms, lockpick, sneak & science/repair

    Gauss pistol + convertionkit (enables him to build a highpowered rifle out of his gauss pistol. this includes extended barrel with EZ-grip patented design, buttstock and low light scope 20x)
    scorpio light SMG 9mm version select fire (full auto or 3 round burst) with 30 round clips
    small concealed knife in his right jacketsleeve, 1 shot 9mm Derringer in left jacketsleeve
    2 teargas and 2 smoke grenades
    2 sets of lockpicks (standard + electronical)
    interface/diagnostic/hacking/improvised laptop thingy
    pack of microfusion cells
    utility knife
    small maglite flashlight
    several green lightsticks
    various stims
    first aid kit
    some Rad-X
    lot of RadAway

    Character description:
    Prefers stealth over violence.
    Uses the extra bit of charisma to wiggle information out of people.
    Stealthy technology thief/spy more or less.

    Extra info:
    He worked as an independent agent for an unknown NY faction to gather intelligence and sometimes steal important items.
    He has been paid for his service with money and technological items. He never actually knew who his employers were nor did he care to find out, being nosy was his job but here questions could get him killed.
    He has a dark secret, but he is not so willing to share it.
  13. Albatross

    Albatross Still Mildly Glowing

    May 20, 2004
    Name: Vedpose Candel
    Age: 24
    Sex: Female
    Race: Canadian
    Hair: Light Brown, half down her back and done up in various hair styles.
    Eyes: Purple

    History: Before the Great War, the Candels were wealth owners of a healthcare business in the northwest. Although they lived in Vancouver their whole lives they relocated to southern Oregon in 2076 to avoid the conflict between Canadian citizens and the American government. Her great-grandfather, then a young man, took all of his funds and built a personal vault for his family and those he felt were his true friends. There they stayed 35 years until 2112 when they went out to establish a new home. They founded a small settlement called Vanigh. The settle struggled but eventually came to stability. After much work by her father and grandfather, it became one the biggest trading posts in the area taking in various good including electronics. Vedpose of coursed learned her skills in maintainance and repair by growing up in the shop.

    When she was old enough she her brother, Jonathan, went south to California to set up a new post. After the trading post was a up a small group of men came to the post saying that they were looking for people who good with technology, the forgotten tools of the prewar world. They asked for a tour of the shop and found Vedpose fixing up some busted up peace of technology. They asked if she would be willing to come and help the brotherhood of steel. Of course this meant becoming a member but Vedpose decided that she would give it a try. She survived training and became a member a short time later. She is trained as a sniper and a medic but being part of the brotherhood has also given access to technology to study and repair which only furthered her skills in technology. Her job for the BOS is a bit different than most of its members. Rather than searching for new technology, she is sent undercover to places that the brotherhood is not normally welcomed or that they do not desire to visit in order to obtain information. Her official title is an information scout. She is currently a junior knight and is hopeful to be a full knight very soon.

    With the recent disappearance of caravans coming to the brotherhood she has been sent out to investigate what is happening.


    Perception: 9
    Endurance: 5
    Charisma: 6
    Intelligence: 9
    Agility: 9
    Luck: 3

    Finesse and gifted

    Good at: Small guns, Doctor, Repairs and general maintenance.

    Gear: Vedpose generally carries only two guns, her .223 sniper rifle and her .223 pistol. She also tends to prefer brotherhood combat armor. Unfortunately for her, she will not be allowed to carry any of those for her current mission. She also has her doctor bag, a pair of night vision binoculars, a scope of the same, a few stims, some Rad-X and Rad Away, and a small toll kit for cleaning, repairing, and maintaining weapons, armor, and various electronics.
  14. welsh

    welsh Junkmaster

    Apr 5, 2003
    Let me add something for new characters here.

    Roleplay on this board might be different from what you are used to.

    The reasons are simple- I don't think doing role play on a bulletin board works like a pen and pencil game.

    So think of this as creative and group writing. I highly encourage you to take the initiative in drawing your world, the characters and predicaments in which they engage.

    There are some base rules- (1) try to be consistent with the story line
    (2) try to be realistic- players do get killed for stupid things.
    (3) be courteous to each other on the board. If you goof up, please edit. Otherwise I might edit to keep the story going.
    (4) have fun- this is all just fucking around really.
    (5) Take the initiative to keep the story going.
    (6) See the rules if you have questions.

    But most of all have fun.
  15. Karkow

    Karkow Still Mildly Glowing

    Feb 6, 2004
    This is another character I made. If anyone thinks the character would be a good addiction to a story just tell me.

    Name: Balayhashi
    Race: Human
    Sex: Male
    Age: 60
    Height: 1.95 m
    Weight: 60 kg
    Skin: Caucasian, but dark
    Hair: Black, long and dirty
    Eyes: Green
    Clothing: Rags strapped with gecko skin, collars, rings and bracelets
    Other features: Body full of tattoos
    Weapons: A big wooden staff

    “The light of the M-M-Moon shins upon all of us, but few are b-blessed with the powers given from the sky! I am one of the f-f-few!
    I am B-Balayhashi, from the village of Nazka. I am Elder, S-S-Shaman, observer of th-th-the stars, of destiny. I make m-magic, I can cast a plague upon any who d-dares to challenge me!
    But others do n-n-not know the powers of m-magic! Others prefer to rely on blasphemous objects, like those cursed stimpaks! I SPIT ON TH-THEM!
    But now I have t-t-turned my backs to these blasphemes… now I w-w-walk the earth, looking for souls who may need my p-powers!”

    Note: Balayhashi is, essentially, a crazy old Shaman who was kicked out from a village after they learned what Stimpaks are and had enough of the old fools’ crazy talk. He now is alone, walking the wastelands trying to find someone who can tolerate him.
  16. Melchoir

    Melchoir Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Jun 10, 2004
    Name: Chua : Native name means Snake
    Race: Human
    Age: 24
    Height: 183 cm
    Weight: 70 kg
    Hair: Black and short
    Eyes: Brown

    Strength: 6 Good
    Perception: 9 Excellent
    Endurance: 6 Good
    Charisma: 3 Poor
    Intelligence: 9 Excellent
    Agility: 10 Heroic
    Luck: 6 Good

    Most focused skills:
    Smallguns: 114%
    Melee weapons: 164%
    Throwing: 116%
    Sneak: 157%
    Outdoorsman: 107%
    Lockpick: 77%
    Traps: 75%
    Speech: 95%

    Hunting Rifle, Combat knife, 3 stimpaks, some money, combat leather jacket, 150 : 223 FMJ, 3 golden gecko pelts, spear, 6 throwing knives, boots, tribe bracelet.

    Chua (or Snake) was born into a normal native village in the wasteland. His mom died during his birth, and his dad died during a raid in their village before he was born, his mom survived by fleeing into a cave nearby the village.

    After his birth he has lived with the tribes chief. The chief learned Chua how to handle a knife when he was around 3 years of age. The chief has also learned him how to sneak, he practiced it on some small geckos just outside of the village. He improved it on the following raids on their village in his teenage years. This became his favourite way of killing a hostile.

    After some of the raids his tribe also got their hands on some hunting rifles 10 mm pistols etc. and they started to practice how to use them. They began to send in some caravans to buy shots for their rifles and pistols. When he was almost 20 years of age he started to try the hunting rifles in the village. After he had practiced for half a year he got his own hunting rifle, wich he still uses.

    After the tribe got their hands on the small arms the raiders stopped attacking their village. Chua thought this was a bit boring, when he was 21 years of age he went out in the wasteland to see the world.
  17. Phil the Nuka-Cola Dude

    Phil the Nuka-Cola Dude Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Jul 9, 2004
    Name: Tex
    Race: Human
    Age: 26
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 200
    Hair: Brown/Crewcut
    Eyes: Blue

    ST 9
    PE 7
    EN 8
    CH 4
    IN 5
    AG 6
    LK 5

    Big Guns: 142%
    Small Guns: 181%
    Throwing: 120%
    Traps: 92%
    Unarmed: 144%
    Outdoorsman: 136%
    First Aid: 79%

    Brass Knuckes, First Aid Kit, Leather armor Mk2, 50 Caps, 2 stimpaks, Western hat, Desert Eagle, 140 rounds of .44 FMJ, 4 Frag Grenades

    Tex was born on a small brahmin ranch out in the wastes. His father used to be a raider, but after the rest of his clan was wiped out by a group of deathclaws who had found the camp, and attacked while most of the raiders were either drunk or passed out. He awoke the next day, under the body of a particularly large raider. He gathered the supplies and loaded up the only two brahmin that had escaped the deathclaws rage and headed out into the wastes where he met Tex's mother in a small village and they fell in love.

    Soon they started a brahmin ranch on the outskirts of the village that made alot of money from the caravans that visited the small town, and about a year later they had Tex. When Tex was 9 his father taught him how to shoot a pistol, and he was quite good. When he was 11 his mother taught him how to treat wounds and bandage wounds.

    One day 6 years later, when Tex was asleep at night and his father was at the village bar playing cards and his mother there as his good luck charm. Tex woke up to the sound of a brahmin being torn in half by a rad scorpion. He wanted to prove to his father that he was man enough to leave the village, because he had always heard amazing stories from the caravan guards since he was a child. His father had kept an old desert eagle on top of his dresser for when the occasional rad scorp or pigrat came by. Tex bolted to his parents room and grabbed the eagle, remembering the shooting lessons he had recieved as a child(firm grip, arm straight, shoulder braced)then flicked the saftey off. He ran to the back door, still hearing the crazed brahmin cries as the scorp shredded them. He opened the door and the scorp turned around, its tail poised to strike and Tex shot one round right between its ugly yellow eyes.

    That year he left the village with some supplies, his fathers desert eagle and cowboy hat and joined a caravan. A few years later he was recruited into the Brotherhood.
  18. 7

    7 First time out of the vault

    Jul 21, 2004
    Name: 7
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Height: About 6 foot
    Race: Human
    Age: Unknown
    Weight: Unknown
    Hair: Ragged
    Eyes: Green

    ST 6
    PE 8
    EN 5
    CH 5
    IN 7
    AG 8
    LK 5

    Small Guns: 162%
    Melee: 155%
    Unarmed: 101%
    Sneak: 137%
    Lockpick: 86%

    Leather armor Mk1, Desert Eagle, 163 rounds of .44 FMJ, Sledgehammer, 274 caps.

    Traits: Fast Shot, Night Person

    Background: He opened his eyes. Who was he? Where was he? Was he a he? The last question was easily answered. But the first two...... Oh his left bicep the roman numerals VII were tattooed, and by the looks of things he was in a cave. Stark naked he slowly crept through the cave until he came to the entrance cavern. There was a fire in the middle, and a few bedrolls. and food. Suddenly he was hungry and just as he was about to start moving again, a man walked around the corner. neither knew the other was there and as the man raised his Desert Eagle (wait..... how do i know that?) i knew what to do. I stepped on his inside, his right arm above my left shoulder. a knee in the guts bought him down and my arm curled around his with a satisfying *CRACK*. he screamed as my free arm smashed into his face in an open palm blow, hammering the nose bone into the brain. he fell to the floor as another man came running in the entrance, also carrying a DEagle. I caught the first mans DEagle before it hit the ground and emptied the clip into the second man before he knew what was going on. I emerged from the cavern a few days later after exhausting the bandits resources, determined to find answers.

    every rpg needs an unknown!
  19. PsychoSniper

    PsychoSniper So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Jun 27, 2003
    This one would proably work best with Fallout chapter 2,

    Isaac 'Smitty' Smith
    23 YO
    5 foot 3 inches
    above average strength, not the best of agility usualy.
    Smitty was born and raised in Addytum. When the regulators took over, he was allready working with the Scavs getting needed equiptment for whoever needed it, and could pay.

    When the regulators too power, most of his family died. They had opposed the new regime. Smitty begain helping the blades and the gun runners gang as the regulators wouldnt let him back in Addytum.
    Eventualy, the bounty hunter Avalone was paid a small fee to kill him because he had been to much of a help to the blades. Avalone didnt consider it a high enough fee to go looking for merchandise, so Smitty left the boneyard leaving a sister, Liz, behind.
    Wandering the wastes, Smitty eventualy discoverd the small city of shady sands. After a fight with the arrogant gate guard, Seth, Smitty left that town and headed due west hoping to find another settlement to live in. Unfortunitly, he was drunk and headed East by mistake.
    Eventualy, Smitty discoverd an old shack with some kind of entrence to a cave underneeth.
    rolling a large rock onto the hole, Smitty begain fixing up the shack and calling it home.

    customised metal armor. (scraps of overlapping heavy metal attached in a jackett.)
    10 large peices of meat jerkey
    2 vials of Radscorp venom antidote
    14 mm pistol
    5 mags of 14mmAP
    1 laser pistol, out of ammo. (part of a payment from gunrunners)
  20. PsychoSniper

    PsychoSniper So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Jun 27, 2003
    Name: Daniel
    Species: Ghoul
    inventory: shotgun , 40 SG shells, 2 stimpacks, a good supply of Jerky (killed a small pack wolf's), Compass, light armour made from radscorp carpice's, lighter,, cooking supply's, canteen, several ropes, 5 flares, and a flashlight.

    For backstory, he was a cop before the bombs dropped. He was out on patrol when the nukes hit, and he got a large rad dose causing him to be a ghould from almost day one.