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    Jul 12, 2015
    In between tasks I got caught up into reading about the few cancelled Fallout projects we know about, most notably Fallout Extreme.

    But as I was reading the Fallout wiki's page I noticed a problem: there are no design documents, no citations, nothing concrete at all actually. So I set out looking for where exactly information on this cancelled title originated.

    It seems that all information originated from blog posts that Ausir had wrote. I don't know who he was in contact with that had actually worked on the project, because the blog posts in question don't say. Here they are:

    I'm not trying to call into question the credibility of Ausir, but neither the Gamepedia nor the Fandom site have any citations and in fact the blog posts just redirect you to the Fallout Extreme page for more information. Does anyone have any more detail on this game? Anything written from a primary source? There's some concept art shown on the blog posts and the game's page, so I assume there was something concrete that they were taken from.

    I'm also suspect of the timeline when this game was being developed and its similarities to Tactics (I wouldn't be surprised if F:Extreme was just a concept for Tactics) but I have nothing to prove that belief at the moment.
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