Classic Fallout Vault 13 made with Unity 5

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    Oct 29, 2013

    Recently my friend inferno8, who is obviously a great fan of classical Fallouts, decided to recreate Vault 13 with Unity 5.
    So... if you have ever wondered how the classic Fallouts would look on steroids this might interest you. Some of the graphics effects used: realitime lightning, realtime shadows, global illumination, physically based shading, antialiasing.

    Video presentation:

    It took him a week to make this demo, which you can download here:
    and try it yourself! Just unzip and click exe.

    I hope you'll like it! If so, please tell - inferno may even expand the demo in the future (like showing the entire Vault floor or something).

    Important note: inferno is not making a Fallout mod (this is only a demo showing how could F1&2 look when made using Unity), but he is currently working on his own strategy/rpg project.
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