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  1. Kiryans5

    Kiryans5 First time out of the vault

    Jan 26, 2015
    So, i built my own fallout nation on the other thread, but it had so much detail that i MUST make a separate thread about it.
    And i got an idea, why won't you help me complete it? i will be adding details, such as better ideology, more chronological facts, etc. But you can help with it! Write your ideas and i will add those that i see fit into my post!
    And please, no bullsh!t, i have a separate thread for bullsh!t (random dweller).

    Faction name: CleveLanders

    Current Leader (For the next 5 Years): Jack Snow
    Founder: Reagan Gabby, a ghoul that lived his life normally before the bombs fell.

    Location: Cleveland

    Religion: None

    Technology: All pre-war tech they could find, because they have most of survived pre war minds, they can crete most of it, including vehicles. They will willingly allow people who bring the GECKs to them to have a Citizenship in their city.

    Currency: Custom made bottlecaps from a modified press at Cleveland location of nuka-cola factory, they also have wannabe banks that can exchange NC bottlecaps to Clevebucks.

    Ideology: Rebuild the old world and not repeat errors of the past.

    Population: ~4000 people.

    The faction, or more like nation, is a Monarchic nation, most of the nation is ghouls that survived bomb drops, those include scientists and politicans.
    Nation was founded in 2088 by ghouls from necropolis and overworld. Now they have most of CL.
    Most of the tech in CL can make BoS jealous, because their pre war geniuses they can produce\repair:
    Advanced Architecture
    Power Armor (Partially, because most materials for it are not available in Cleveland)
    They have a pretty green place, because on one day, 2150, one strange brought htem a GECK, The leader ath that time, Lawson Fox, accepted the stranger in their city, gave them citizenship.
    Each 5 years they have an election for a new leader.
    To entertain them self, people have a lot of things to do, whorehouses(they aren't prohibited since Gabby was an atheist and thought that religion prohibited them), racing arenas (fixed chrysalis factory in the city allows so), etc.
    Prohibited: Taking Drugs (Even for army), killing people, cannibalism, stealing, etc.
    STRICTLY prohibited(May even be death penalty): Racism, selling drugs.
    Ghouls and humans are equal in CL, but some ghouls have tried armed assaults at top priority people since they are the ones that founded the city.
    Part of CL Chronology:

    2088 - CL Founded by Reagan Gabby

    2089 - Reagan finished restoring constitution of US

    2090 - After long conflicts with citizens, constitution is accepted.

    2095 - Giant Raider gang attacks CL, most of the city is burning, constitution is torn in 2 pieces, one is destroyed, 2nd is used as a cape for raider leader, Reagan is dead.

    2095-2114 - CL is in anarchy, nobody is controlling people, there are no laws, no army, nothing. This is known as "The great Chaos"

    2115 - City of CL Finally gets a new leader, a close friend of Reagan, Lawson Fox.

    2135 - Lawson Created army force, most of it was gone to the raider camp to retrieve the constitution part, camp destroyed, Raider leader injured and is held hostage until execution.
    6\7\2135 - Lawson built a prison where Raider will be sitting for his life

    2138 - Lawson reclaimed remnants of Reagan's constitution, Started re-writing it

    2150 - Raider leader died of old age, Lawson almost finished constitution, a strange man, called Wade Nelson, brought them a GECK, he is now a city hero...

    2151 - Lawson Finished rebuilding constitution.

    2152 - CL goes on contact with a small group of Prospectors, got info about abandonet vault that is code locked, scout division sent to the vault with Lawson himself, his brother is in control of the country while he is gone.

    2153 - Lawson opened the vault, the code was: 532055, birthday of the last US President, Vault numbers are worn out and are unreadable. This Vault is actually Cryogenic vault full of pre war people, Total number is 304 future citizens.

    2154 - Scout division returned with new citizens, but without Lawson, he got heart attack during the trip.

    2155 - One of the vault citizens, John Etkins, is now a leader.

    2156 - A group of 5 armed ghouls tried to attack Etkins during his speech, 4 are in prison, 1 is dead, Etkins is injured in the knee.

    2157 - Etkins Adds a part in the constitution that restricts Leading time for 5 years. A large group of pre-war ghouls got citizenship in the city, population grew to ~3500

    2158 - CL goes on contact with BoS, after some trading BoS gives them blueprints of some advanced post-war tech

    2159 - Old Chrysalis factory is found, after some tinkering, CL became the only nation in the wastes that build vehicles.

    2160 - Government finds 13 different abandoned mines. Materials in them are more than enough to build wannabe power armor. Stanley Erevard is now a leader.

    2165 - CL Mechanical armor design is finished. Tests Started. Randy Elsdon is now a leader

    2168 - Tests of MA are better than with original PA prototypes, No Deaths recorded so far.

    2170 - MA is in production, and is used by the army of CL. Edgar matty is now a leader.

    2175 - Edgar Matty is changed to Groover Isaac.

    2180 - CL army and ambassador are sent to the west to find people in Necropolis and to find other nations. leadet now isFoster Moss.

    2181 - Necropolis found, everyone is dead. Found NCR Capital, CL proposes aliance with NCR.

    2182 NCR Starts aliance with CL.

    2185 - City is full of rumors aout cryogenic vault in boston, Kurtis Gore, new leader, ignores this.

    2188 - CL Nation is century old.

    2200 - CL elects a new leader, his Name is Jack Snow.

    2201 - Snow broke alliance with NCR because "We won't let you be our friends when you can go and get our land for that".

    2203 - NCR sends ambassador to negotiate with Snow, he was killed by army when he got on the CL borders. NCR declares war to the Cleveland.

    2205 Snow is changed to Patrick Berton.

    2206 - Berton tries to declare peace with NCR, failed. 27 NCR spies found in the government.

    2207 - Peace declaration is finally signed, but all trade routes are cut off.

    2210 - New leader is Mike Marx.

    2211 - Marx signs a document that represses ghouls, high rate of unemployment.

    2213 - A group of ghouls have killed Marx, no candidates were ready, "2nd great chaos" have started.
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  2. Kiryans5

    Kiryans5 First time out of the vault

    Jan 26, 2015
    Srsly? Nobody? ok :(
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  3. Mr muggyman 3000

    Mr muggyman 3000 Lover of coffe cups

    May 3, 2016
  4. Kiryans5

    Kiryans5 First time out of the vault

    Jan 26, 2015
    Thanks, any ideas for improvement?
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  5. Kiryans5

    Kiryans5 First time out of the vault

    Jan 26, 2015
    Gonna Fix some lore problems sometime soon...
  6. Mr muggyman 3000

    Mr muggyman 3000 Lover of coffe cups

    May 3, 2016
    1 Maybe tone down the "perfect" plot devices like the gecks,vaults and the scouts conveniently finding 23 perfectly intact mines/car factory. If your going to have cars at least change the car type to highwayman(because oil should no longer exists by 2159). Something along the lines of, "the scouts managed to find a mostly intact highwayman dealership, by reading the schematics they found in the dealership. They learn that the highwayman can run on energy cells, and also learn how to repair them when necessary." that would make much more sense in my opinion.

    2 also explain what laws are inside the constitution:deal: and what do each of them do, it would add more depth/realism to the faction.

    You should also try answer some of these questions to add more depth/realism.

    3 how is society like in your faction . For example. Are ghouls considered the higher class in the social infrastructure because they founded the faction , and humans are the ones that are oppressed? Or is it mostly equal? How do people work in your faction? Are they Assigned a job by the government,or are they allowed to pick their own jobs? What do people do for fun? Are there arenas/ whorehouses where people can fight to the death and have sex? Or are there laws that ban those kind of those things?

    4 what form of government do they use? You say they use a monarchy system but you also state that there's is a five year term limit on the monarchs. That implies that the Monarchs are elected, if so are all citizens allowed to vote,or is it a privileged few:monocle:.

    I like your concept overall it justs needs more detail to give it a bit more "personality". Your doing a good job though, you just need a little practice:dance::ok:
  7. Kiryans5

    Kiryans5 First time out of the vault

    Jan 26, 2015
    I never said t mines/cars were fully intact, I didn't actually say they found cars, I said they found chrysalis car factory.
    But still, thanks. That's a lot of help!
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  8. Mr muggyman 3000

    Mr muggyman 3000 Lover of coffe cups

    May 3, 2016
    Sorry I miss read it:confused:
  9. Kiryans5

    Kiryans5 First time out of the vault

    Jan 26, 2015
    Updated chronology a bit, now Caesars legion werent a thing before they were created, added assault at one of the leaders, updated description of the nation
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