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    This thread is intended to just be a place where you can share your ideas of any kind of concept you think might be interesting in Fallout 4. Game mechanics, characters, situations, factions, locations, creatures, items, or even basic storylines. Anything really. Try to keep faction and major, overarching setting stuff to a smaller degree, as we've got plenty of threads about that.

    Anyways, I'll kick it off with an idea I thought of while playing the excellent "Beyond Boulder Dome" mod for FNV. (highly recommended) At the very start of the mod you come across a hidden area near Nellis, covered in crashed planes and evidence of fighting. You quickly learn that two groups of ghouls, remnants of the American and Chinese armies have been fighting each other for over 200 years in this little canyon that time forgot. I loved this idea, but after thinking about it for a minute I realized that there were far too many holes in this premise for it to really play a role in an official Bethesda game. For one, one side would have won in at max a couple years. I don't care how many platoons were in these ships, these professional soldiers would've almost certainly made it their top priority to kill each other. Two, what the hell are Chinese soldiers doing in Nevada? And three, even if these soldiers haven't wiped each other out after all this time, I'd bet they'd give up and walk away after a while. Like I said though, I really liked this idea, and think with a couple changes it could be an awesome part of a future Fallout. For one, rather than having a limited number of ghoul soldiers whittle each other down, I could see an extremely ravaged battlefield, soaked with the blood of millions of men, all thanks to experimental cloning technology employed by both sides from before the war, and still going strong. The battle is a fact of life for the countless soldiers, chugged out every day, something they don't even question. It is an intrinsic part of their lives, sending out wave after wave to the slaughter for 200 years, neither side gaining much ground.
    I'd also like to see a new, really bulky looking power armor. Like this:,428

    Anyways, those are my concepts, I'm eager to hear what the rest of the Fallout community has!
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    Feb 22, 2014
    I want to have three Vaults in Fallout 4:

    Vault M17: A Vault that was cooperative work between Vault-Tec and MIT (who paid more than 50% of it) and that involves an experiment. It's entry prices are much higher than the other Vaults, because the Vault involves massive amounts of Cryogenic Sleepchambers, developed by MIT. Those who pay for this service will be sleeping in ice cold peace and simply outlast the aftermath of the Great War until the many other Dwellers with their GECKs would've created a new paradise. Due to a problem of electricity supply, 99.9% of the 1000 Vault Dwellers are dead now. YOU are the survivor.

    What I like is that:

    1) The experiment was completely voluntarily (although the MIT could not be sure if the cryochambers would actually last the estimated 50 years, since they couldn't test it.) and thus diverges from the premise of most of the experimental Vaults (it wasn't part of project safehouse, nor part of the Vault-Tec main Vaults at all)
    2) The Vault is a Vault, a concept that continues the trend of main Fallout title PCs being someone from a Vault/connected to a Vault (a little something that could separate the main games from the 'spin-offs' like New Vegas)
    3) Vault M17 doesn't even try to rival the grandeur of Vault 101. The intro (and tutorial) of Fallout 3 was (depending on who you ask) bloated and marvellous, it very much tried to connect you to the PC and create emotional connection to your father and Vault 101.
    In Vault M17, you wake up and start the game. If your repair skill is high enough you can restore power connection to the lighters and see large amounts of empty Cryosleepchambers, only filled with the dead skeletons of your fellow Vault Dwellers.

    It's a very simple concept and the real story kicks in after that (MIT is still running and got a signal that the last functional sleepchamber releases its sojourner. Now two androids from the Institute are already on the way to meet you, and they'd like to see the data on your Pip-Boy).

    Vault M16: Also a Vault in cowork with MIT. Nothing special here and entry prices were as low as everywhere. In Vault M16, special sunglasses by MIT were tested inside an environment without natural sunlight. People say there could have been a much larger experiment going on here, but it was canceled because it was no longer backed by money.

    Vault 68: You already know this one.

    After creating your character and being given the first opportunity to explore the environment for yourself, something like this begins to play in Vault M17. It's (co-project of MIT, thus M17) a Vault that along with the classic Vault environment features more noble and futuristic elements.

    Everyone is dead in this unlucky Vault. Everyone, except you and the creature. In the barely lit Vault interior, you'll find many former Vault Dwellers, all dead and long gone in their chambers. And the creature, a horribly disfigured cryomutant, that somehow came into being (former Vault Dweller) and that now roams the dark hallways of Vault M17 to feed on the cold corpses of the unlucky dead ones that the melting ice gave free. You encounter it a few minutes in. It's foreshadowed by blood trails on the floor.

    On your way out into the light, the silent mutant (as your very first enemy, actually the first living being in the game) proves a deadly foe you cannot kill in open combat. You have to find other ways to get rid of it, testing your skills. You have to constantly hide, fearing what's around the corner. You will reload the game. You will be challenged. And the atmosphere will break through the ceiling.

    After you made it out of the Vault alive, and meet the 2 MIT consultants, it'll be a huge relief.
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    NCR as the primary antagonists.
    The PC could be a Arizona native who is forced to see first hand his country overrun by troopers.