Conveniently install and run Fallout[12] + mods on Linux with my 'fallout-wine-0.1' script

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    Jul 22, 2019
    I want to share with you a bash script 'fallout-wine' (attached) I wrote, which eases installation, launching, and updating versions of Fallout[12] + mods on Linux.

    It currently supports:
    - Fallout 1 (+ Fixt)
    - Fallout 1.5 Resurrection
    - Fallout 2 (+ Unofficial Patch)
    - Fallout 2 (+ Restoration Project)
    - Fallout Nevada
    - Fallout Last Hope
    - fixing 'too many items'-bugged savegames in a convenient way

    To use it, one has to download and/or extract the patch and mod files, and specify their paths at the top of the script file, everything else is automated. When the script is run, it presents a multiple choice menu where you can select what to install (if not already installed) and then run.

    I thoroughly tested the script (Arch Linux + sway 1.0 + wine-4.11 + bash 5.0.7(1)).

    The script was written with a focus on maintainability. It's mostly pure bash and coreutils (only mkdir and cp), the only other dependencies are sed, find and wine. It is fairly short and there are comments where they matter. It is easily extendable and could support other mods too. The logic is straight forward, abstraction is high. Feel free to change it to your liking. Use the '-d' switch for debugging.

    Comments and criticism (especially in regard to bash programming style) are welcome! Please let me know if there is something that could be done better!

    Best wishes!

    PS: Excuse my English.

    PPS: The forum does not allow uploading *.tar.gz files.

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    fallout[12]enthusiast First time out of the vault

    Jul 22, 2019
    Just stopping by to say that I'm almost done with a new version of the script.

    Although the initial version of the script was quite pure and dogmatic from a programmer's standpoint, it lacked some features and was not as user friendly as it could have been.

    The next version's focus is on the user - which means to make it as user friendly as possible - just execute the script without doing anything else - and it tells you the mod files it needs and where you get them from (just dump then into the script directory), installs the original games from CD/DVD or ISO, or uses existing installations, extracts all archive files itself, can change the screen resolution after the mods are installed and makes it much more easy to update to new mod versions and configure your own versions of Fallout 1/2 plus the mods and patches you prefer. It will support the Megamod OOTB, too.

    Coming soon, stay tuned :)
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