Could the Vault 87 Mutants successfully survive?

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    Mar 19, 2020
    I was thinking about the Mutants we see in Fallout 3 and how would they survive once there were no more animals to eat and humans to dip in Vats. They know how to handle guns but are not intelligent enough to farm or form a society like the West Coast, who even though are dumb, can successfully organize under the right guidance. In Washington we only see two intelligent mutants, Fawkes and Leo, and considering they will grow forever, will probably lose that intelligence once they reach behemoth size. If all humans wereto leave DC or were dipped in Vats, what would do they do next? What are they going to eat? Will they eat each other?

    I know I'm overthinking but I have nothing else to do while in quarantine
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    In Fallout 3 they're represented as mindless orcs, but Fallout 4 might have an answer:

    He's just mentioned, however he is proof of some kind of leadership within the Mutant hordes, which could possibly point to a superior strategy. After all before the Enclave showed up the Brotherhood was probably the greatest threat in the region and the main obstacle against mutant supremacy (barring Talon company), which is probably why (?) they were fighting in DC.

    However take all I'm saying with a grain in salt, it's mostly interpretation because Bethesda's world building isn't particularly brilliant.
    Actually it's pretty terrible
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    Apr 16, 2020
    They shouldn't exist at all there, humans can't make it in through the surface, to much radiation.
    Its a plothole, no humans into vault 87, no mutants :)