Couple of videos on Van Buren and New Vegas

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    Eurogamer put out a video on Van Buren as part of their Here's A Thing video-series, which had previously looked at the Fallout sex formula.
    The video is composed of general information about the game, along with snippets of interviews with Chris Avellone and Josh Sawyer done for this video, and intercut with footage from the tech-demo. Chris gives some info on the design documents, while Josh talks about the development.
    If you're one of the mad-men who read all the design documents in our archive and played through the demo, there's not a lot of new information. Otherwise it's a good primer or a good refresher, depending on where you are coming from.

    If you don't want to or simply can't watch, there's a transcript here:

    Meanwhile over on IGN, they've started up a video-series called Expert Mode and have released an episode where they interview Josh Sawyer about both Van Buren and New Vegas. Though the Van Buren stuff overlaps a bit with his statements in the Eurogamer video, there's still some interesting stories about New Vegas, amongst other things a story about a Vegas-style wedding with Rose Cassidy that was cut from development.

    Some highlights have been transcribed to no less than three separate articles over there:
    Gotta get them clicks somehow I guess.
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    Thanks, and this channel is also excellent if one wants to know about the true Fallout 3 in detail, very informative videos. Oh, and this thread :)
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    Dam marrying Rose would of been pretty coool
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    I know this story. The priest was going to be The King, which would be really cool.