Current days, edit?

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    Is it possible to edit the Current days/date, tried searching a bit with no luck? I'm aware the of mods changing or disabling the time limit for the Waterchip. Tried looking at the Save editors and Hex editor on the Save.dat.


    Edit: Btw I do have Fallout Fixit installed, in case it matters.
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    Simple. Use;

    Download the Universal Save Editor in the link above and change the time remaining for Vault 13 to run out of water. You may have to search the list until you find it.

    You need to open the GVARs tab (second tab) and look for "VAULT_WATER=" and it should tell you the ingame days left until Game Over. Change the value to whatever.

    WARNING; to get the editor working on Fixt when looking to open a save you need to use the "Fallout Fixt" folder inside the "Fallout" folder proper otherwise your Fixt save won't appear on the editor.
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