dead wind cavern my strtegies

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  1. newbiewanderer

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    Sep 4, 2011
    Hi there i just visited deadwind cavern after blobourne cave and silver peak mine and i found it quite easy.
    The startegy i used was quite simple , lure deathclaws into the heavily boobied trapped entrace( with c4 , frag mines , pulse mines etc..) , making them criplled almost imediatly and then procedding to shoot my grenaude launcher until they were all crippled.
    This is what you do to thin out their numbers and to clear any deathclaws in the entrance ( you cant really kill them in close range inside the cave , its almost impossible)
    I killed the mother deathclaw with hit and run tactits such as hitting her in the head three ttimes while sneaking ( with a this machine rifle) , running towards the entrance until fallout new vegas stealth display changed from danger to caution , then i returned to finish the job..
    Near the legendary deathclaw are three deathclaws if memory serves me right .
    I used a missle launcher to tag the lot of them once , and then i started to run in direction to the entrance while turning back and poppingh one rocket or two to cripple them .
    After that i used this machine to kill them off.
    The legendary deathclaw is easy to beat since she is stuck to some invisible walls inside the cave i dont know why.
    So thats how i went about going to dead wind cavern , level 33 and with combat armor.
    Im rendering a video of this ordeal and i will post it here tomorrow if you are interested.
    It was an amzing fight to say the least
    Peace out , John
  2. Deathclaw Chameleon

    Deathclaw Chameleon Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Jul 28, 2011
    I found it easy too, at a low level. I used a ballistic fist and a gobi campaign rifle. Just sneaked around til the end. I killed the last deathclaws and legendary with my fists (on accident, I panicked) and triumphed, surprisingly. Didn't know there was a mother until I went back up and her babies and her attacked me. Fist time again ;) oh, and the legendary deathclaw is a male. :)
  3. DoubleRubix

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    Sep 1, 2011
    Deathclaw Is a pushover once you get one or more dlc.
  4. Yamu

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    Jul 26, 2003
    I don't think Dead Wind's ever given me any problems, though I should mention that I usually don't even attempt it until I'm around level 16. My first playthrough was with a sneaky energy weapons user, and I assassinated as many as I could with the YCS/186 and then had Boone and ED-E unleash hell with me playing backup on the plasma caster once their suspicions were aroused.

    My second time through, I was playing a melee specialist. Oh Baby! plus stealth boys plus the Super Slam perk is a combination which just should not be allowed. All I had to do was get within hammer's reach of any given Deathclaw and bat it across the cave away from wherever the pack was roaming, where its fellows couldn't see me running up to it and splitting it like a pinata before it could get off its back. (This really is an ugly, ugly thing to do, especially if you've got a fondness for Turbo... you can even take down the Legendary Bloatfly in OWB this way without taking a scratch.) On the one or two occasions where I got noticed, it wasn't too tough to take on two or three at once with Super Slam keeping at least one of them out of the fight at all times.

    My most recent go might have been my favorite: A tightly explosives-focused character in Remnants PA with Anabelle, a grenade launcher, and two companions that had enough sense to stay the hell behind me when I told them to. I stood in the cave mouth and launched an opening shot with Anabelle, and then popped a Turbo, switched over to the grenade launcher as quickly as I could, and did my level best to cripple every single one of the 'claws so that Veronica and ED-E could cut the shambling dupes down in a storm of electric fire while they were still at a safe distance. The ones that managed to reach me found out just how few compunctions I had about dropping grenades at my own highly boom-resistant feet. (Luckily, the Mother and Legendary Deathclaws somehow didn't hear any of this going on, so I got to re-use the strategy twice more rather than having to deal with the whole cave all at once.)
  5. vakapyro06

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    Jul 21, 2011
    Oh baby, lots of turbo, slasher, psycho, and medx. Jobs a goodun.