Death Animations

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    Oct 12, 2016
    I must have played through both the first two games dozens of times, using all different types of characters, all using different types of endgame weapons. Because one thing I really like seeing are all those unique death animations. I wanted to see all the ways your enemies can die and the way they do with different weapons. I've used characters that specialized in the usage of single shot, burst fire, lasers, plasma, electrical, explosive, fire, and melee. Melee characters are my least favorite because you don't get to see those unique death animations with melee or unarmed weapons. On the other hands, you see your enemies:

    -have a large chunk of their body blown off if you use a single shot weapon such as the Sniper Rifle
    -get their head and at least one arm chopped off if you use burst fire weapons such as the minigun
    -get cut in half when using laser weapons such as the Gatling Laser
    -melt if you use plasma against them such as the Turbo Plasma Rifle
    -dance while on fire if you use the Flamer
    -disintegrate if you use an electrical weapon such as the Alien Blaster
    -blow up into chunks with the Rocket Launcher

    I must have seen the way every enemy in both games die when dealt a critical blow by each weapon type, not including unarmed or melee weapons. Seeing those death animations is one of the most fun aspects of the games. Melting enemies with plasma is my favorite so far. What's yours?