Demo levels 1 and 2 in orginal campaign

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    Nov 14, 2015
    Hi few days ago i get another game in my "modding workshop" after Ufo Xcom, Gothic 2 etc... :)
    I have a big fondness for the Fallout series and now i want play again in FT but i want some changes because i finisched orginal campaigns many times.

    Now i create in tool editor new extra characters, add bosses, rebuild some maps but...
    My question is:
    How to add two missions from demo single version to my campaign full game 1.27 of course
    They do not have to be associated with oryginal quest.
    They can appear as special euncounters / other places in the map
    This is possible ?
    Any one can help me ?
  2. nadeauhugo

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    Mar 9, 2014
    Sure thing. First you open campaign.txt and you go to the CORE or SPECIAL list. You add your two missions like the others (mission files with folders and mission code, AT THE END of one of the lists. If you change the order, you will change the location of missions on the worldmap.

    You go to core/locale/game/generic_mission.txt or something like that (doing that by memory here) and you add the name of your mission like the other mission names are added. If you don't do that, the worldmap will lag.

    Then you open the campaing in the campaign editor. Under core or special, you select to the left your mission and place it somewhere on the worldmap. If it was flagged "uncovered" in the campaign.txt file before, you'll see it when playing that's sure.

    Make backups of file to not make big mistakes, and have fun!
  3. bon007

    bon007 Bon

    Nov 14, 2015
    Thx for answer, good to known that there are people who are still interested in the fallout corner :)

    I will see them on the map after leaving first mission "Bramin Wood" ?
  4. nadeauhugo

    nadeauhugo Author of FOT mod THE SUM Modder

    Mar 9, 2014
    If you locate them near yes; as soon as you clear the mission they will be there. In fact, if you can't identify what Bramin woods is in the campaign editor, you can search for a dot in the middle of a mission circle, that's the campaign starting position and it will be on Bramin woods.
  5. bon007

    bon007 Bon

    Nov 14, 2015
    This is this file mission to cd.txt

    a = {2}
    b = {2}
    c = {2}
    d = {3}
    e = {3}
    f = {3}

    bunker01 = {A}
    bunker02 = {B}
    bunker03 = {C}
    bunker04 = {D}
    bunker05 = {E}

    mission08 = {B}

    mission01 = {A}
    mission02 = {A}
    mission03 = {A}
    mission31 = {A} // <<--- in this place i add my demo missions and rename filename to 31 because before this file name was "mission01" which is just like the original mission
    mission32 = {A} // <<--- that's why I changed names to different ones

    mission04 = {B}
    mission05 = {B}
    mission06 = {B}
    mission07 = {B}

    mission09 = {C}
    mission10 = {C}
    mission11 = {C}
    mission12 = {C}

    mission15 = {D}
    mission16 = {D}
    mission17 = {D}
    mission19 = {D}

    mission21 = {E}
    mission22 = {E}
    mission23 = {E}
    mission24 = {E}

    mission25 = {F}
    mission26 = {F}

    missionT01 = {A}
    missionT02 = {A}
    missionT03 = {A}
    missionT04 = {A}
    missionZ01 = {A}
    missionZ02 = {A}
    missionZ03 = {A}
    missionZ04 = {A}
    missionZ05 = {A}
    missionZ06 = {A}
    missionZ07 = {A}
    missionZ08 = {A}
    missionZ09 = {A}
    missionZ10 = {A}
    missionZ11 = {A}
    missionZ12 = {A}
    missionZ14 = {A}
    missionZ15 = {A}
    missionZ16 = {A}
    missionZ17 = {A}
    missionZ18 = {A}
    missionZ19 = {A}
    missionZ20 = {A}
    missionZ21 = {A}
    missionZ22 = {A}
    missionZ23 = {A}
    missionZ24 = {A}
    missionZ25 = {A}
    missionZ26 = {A}
    missionZ27 = {A}

    tut1 = {A}
    tut2a = {A}
    tut2a = {A}
    tut2b = {A}
    tut2c = {A}

    ss00.bik = {A}
    ss01.bik = {A}
    ss02.bik = {B}
    ss03.bik = {C}
    ss04.bik = {D}
    ss05.bik = {E}
    secondary.bik = {A}
    nuked_brahmin.bik = {E}
    intro.bik = {A}
    end_movie.bik = {E}
    end_A.bik = {E}
    end_B.bik = {E}
    end_C.bik = {E}
    end_D.bik = {E}

    in section core/locale/game/generic_mission.txt

    team_attackers = {Atakujący}
    team_defenders = {Obrońcy}

    team_1 = {Drużyna 1}
    team_2 = {Drużyna 2}
    team_3 = {Drużyna 3}
    team_4 = {Drużyna 4}
    team_5 = {Drużyna 5}
    team_6 = {Drużyna 6}
    team_7 = {Drużyna 7}
    team_8 = {Drużyna 8}

    failure01 = {Spoczywaj w pokoju, żołnierzu.}

    failure02 = {Nie żyjesz.}

    failure03 = {Pustkowia upomniały się o twoje życie.}

    failure04 = {Nie żyjesz. Twoi towarzysze będą musieli walczyć bez ciebie.}
    //end 2001-01-24

    // start 2001-01-26
    mission_name_01 = {Bramin Wood}
    mission_name_02 = {Freeport}
    mission_name_03 = {Rock Falls}
    mission_name_04 = {Macomb}
    mission_name_05 = {Preoria}
    mission_name_06 = {Quincy}
    mission_name_07 = {Mardin}
    mission_name_08 = {St.Louis}
    mission_name_09 = {Jefferson}
    mission_name_10 = {Kansas City}
    mission_name_11 = {Osceolla}
    mission_name_12 = {Junction City}
    mission_name_13 = {Great Bend}
    mission_name_14 = {Coldwater}
    mission_name_15 = {Newton}
    mission_name_16 = {Canyon City}
    mission_name_17 = {Beuna Vista}
    mission_name_18 = {Scott City}
    mission_name_19 = {Góra Cheyenne}
    mission_name_20 = {Krypta Zero}
    mission_name_00 = {Springfield}
    mission_name_31 = {Dirt Haven} // <<----------------------- in this place i add my mission 31
    mission_name_32 = {Graveyard} // <<----------------------- in this place i add my mission 32

    mission_name_Z01 = {Pipboy}
    mission_name_Z02 = {Morte}
    mission_name_Z03 = {Ruch wyzwolenia Szponów Śmierci}
    mission_name_Z04 = {Kanadyjska inwazja}
    mission_name_Z05 = {Odtworzenie inwazji}
    mission_name_Z06 = {Dzień na bazarze}
    mission_name_Z07 = {Bramiński poker}
    mission_name_Z08 = {Całkowita ciemność}
    mission_name_Z09 = {3lita}
    mission_name_Z10 = {CPF przeciw PFC}
    mission_name_Z11 = {B1000}
    mission_name_Z12 = {Czterech Jeźdźców}
    mission_name_Z14 = {Phil}
    mission_name_Z15 = {Stacja benzynowa}
    mission_name_Z16 = {Taniec łupieżców}
    mission_name_Z17 = {Mir}
    mission_name_Z18 = {Człowiek Komodo}
    mission_name_Z19 = {Bramiński pancerz}
    mission_name_Z20 = {Szósty zmysł}
    mission_name_Z21 = {Amelia}
    mission_name_Z22 = {Macanie bramina}
    mission_name_Z23 = {Titanic}
    mission_name_Z24 = {Powstanie}
    mission_name_Z25 = {Bracia Grimm}
    mission_name_Z26 = {Druty}

    mission_name_B01 = {Bunkier Alfa}
    mission_name_B02 = {Bunkier Beta}
    mission_name_B03 = {Bunkier Gamma}
    mission_name_B04 = {Bunkier Delta}
    mission_name_B05 = {Bunkier Epsilon}

    mission_unknown = {Nieznane}
    mission_complete = {Ukończone}

    //end 2/6/2001

    // added 21/02/2001
    mission_name_T01 = {Rolnik}
    mission_name_T02 = {Pustelnik}
    mission_name_T03 = {Handlarz}
    mission_name_T04 = {Kupiec}

    // added 28/02/2001
    movie_name_intro = {Film ze wstępu}
    movie_name_ss00 = {Narrator - wstęp}
    movie_name_secondary = {Obóz szkoleniowy}
    movie_name_ss01 = {Narrator 1}
    movie_name_ss02 = {Narrator 2}
    movie_name_ss03 = {Narrator 3}
    movie_name_ss04 = {Narrator 4}
    movie_name_ss05 = {Narrator 5}
    movie_name_nuked_brahmin = {Wybuch nuklearny}

    title_success = {Sukces}
    title_failure = {Porażka}
    title_debrief = {Podsumowanie}

    // added for patch 28/03/2001
    movie_name_tut2a = {Trening: Zasadzka}
    movie_name_tut2b = {Trening: Skradanie}
    movie_name_tut2c = {Trening: Snajper}

    I copied folder from demo campaings to my game
    FT demo/core/locale/missions/demo01 and demo02

    And copied mission files from demo to my full game folder
    FT demo/core/campaign/mission/demo/mission1.mis and mission2.mis
    Copied to
    Fallout Tactics/core/campaigns/mission/core
    and renamed files to "mission31" "mission32" because orginal mission calls mission1.mis and mission2.mis

    after running campaign editor [open "" file] i dont see this missions in any sections core/special etc
    I see this mission only in Level Editor but not in Campaign Editor
    What is wrong ?
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  6. bon007

    bon007 Bon

    Nov 14, 2015
    Ok i change numbers in core mission names section to 21 and 22 [before 31 and 32]

    mission_name_21 = {Dirt Haven} // <<----------------------- in this place i add my mission 31
    mission_name_22 = {Graveyard} // <<----------------------- in this place i add my mission 32

    NOW Campaign Editor see one demo mission {Dirt Haven} but when i start game and finished Brahmin Wood I dont see this location where I left it on the map
  7. nadeauhugo

    nadeauhugo Author of FOT mod THE SUM Modder

    Mar 9, 2014
    Hi again,

    You did all great, you simply forgotten a step, that's why you can't see your two missions in Campaign editor.

    As you renamed them 21 and 22, you see them only because they are already existing missions in the list. I suggest you assign them back to missions 31 and 32.

    Campaign Editor works differently than Mission Editor, as it does not relay on files in a folder to show a list (unfortunately), but on a list of missions, special missions, entities, quartermaster items, recruits, etc. written in campaigns/campaign.txt (it's a file next to If you don't have it - happened to me too - it means that you'll have to find the original campaign file from somewhere on the net first. Mine is heavily modified and I don't see one in my original GOG tactics folder either, so I can't help much with this).

    Once you have that file, open it and search for something like this :

    cores = {
    ... (list of all core missions)

    Then add this at the end of the list before the "}":


    Then open Campaign editor. Open, Click the tab tools/Import Core, choose your campaign.txt file and that's it! You can now place your two missions anywhere you want near Bramin woods.
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  8. bon007

    bon007 Bon

    Nov 14, 2015
    I have only txt file "mission_to_cd.txt "
    And "generic_mission.txt

    Mission_to_cd is in this same folder as

    But i dont have campaign.txt file in campaigns folder and i cant fint it.
    Ok last questions where can i find this "campaign.thx" file to download ? : )

    OK i found Campaign.txt in my game but in "tables folder" not "campaigns folder".

    EDIT 2

    Ok i implemented this mission thx for advices
    But now have lot of work in map editor, i dont have miusic in this missions, objectives, voice acting etc :))
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  9. nadeauhugo

    nadeauhugo Author of FOT mod THE SUM Modder

    Mar 9, 2014
    Ah great! Good to know it worked! I don't know how Combat Music supposedly work, I removed it from my mod, but I know you can import a sound file in level editor and implement many sound zones by creating the needed zones and flagging them as "sound zones" at the very bottom of the zone ´s options.
  10. nadeauhugo

    nadeauhugo Author of FOT mod THE SUM Modder

    Mar 9, 2014
    As for the voices, I think they just need to be the right filename in the right folder, but I didn't have much luck with them yet...

    Oh, and come back to me if you need some help with objectives.
  11. bon007

    bon007 Bon

    Nov 14, 2015
    If I have any questions, I will definitely let you know
    Probably faster than you think : )

    - For now i deleted all trigers and add new working "Exit Grids"
    Oryginal demo missions dont have working exit grids
    -Add some mini-bosses, containers, and balanced enemies

    Thanks a lot for your help
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  12. nadeauhugo

    nadeauhugo Author of FOT mod THE SUM Modder

    Mar 9, 2014
    I did that too when first using maps for my mod, but I don't recommand it much. Most of the time it creates broken maps that you need to repair after with the same triggers... As I recall, in this type of missions, some movements of troops can be managed in the triggers, some activations of turrets, some dialogues too. It might be better for you to analyse the triggers and erease only the triggerd that remove and put back exit grids. You can even keep the victory conditions, adding to them a variable set to true only if you spoke with the right person to start the mission. For that, you just add a trigger saying "if dialogue XXX occured, set variable YYY to true. I think that will save you a lot of time and take care of most of the quest setup beforehand. You can also remove the mission breifing entirely by removing the text in the dialogue text attached to the mission.
  13. bon007

    bon007 Bon

    Nov 14, 2015
    All enemies in this 2 missions is managed by player index in player setup sections
    I do not have dialogues and objectives to complete, It's enough for me area and enemies
    I set exit grids that you can leave at any moment in this level and back when you want
    One thing i left is "demo brief" txt [for both levels] and nice polish dubbing :) I add this action command to my own "Exit Grid trigger" in section "action"

    Of course it would be good to have everything from orginal demo missions [dialogues, objectives etc] but this is lot of work.
    Before deleted orginal triggers I try modify them - triggers dependent on exit grids but i can left area only 1 time, in next visit exit grids not working
    It was important to me that my new exit grids would work on every visit - I got it by deleting the original triggers
    You can probably do it differently but it is complicated for me and requires a lot of patience : )
  14. nadeauhugo

    nadeauhugo Author of FOT mod THE SUM Modder

    Mar 9, 2014
    Important thing is that you are happy with the results you get in the end :) These two maps are nice... I don't think I added them to my mod yet. Could be a nice challenge..
  15. bon007

    bon007 Bon

    Nov 14, 2015
    1.) Another question is:
    How to Add miusic in this missions
    I do not mean custom music options, because custom use this same miusic for all missions and menu.
    I want use specyfic miusic to diffrent missions

    2.) You are known others nice maps that i could use it my "extended campaign" ?
  16. nadeauhugo

    nadeauhugo Author of FOT mod THE SUM Modder

    Mar 9, 2014
    The only nice way I found was to create a sound zone (normal zone + flag sound zone in the zone ´s attributes) of the entire map (I do not recommand the zone to stop at exit grids, I did that for my mod and It brings music to play again from start too often), then import in the top menu a sound file containing infos on the .mp3 you want to use and the name of the sound zone, you precise also in the sound file that it will play in loop and voilà!
  17. bon007

    bon007 Bon

    Nov 14, 2015
    I create big ZONE on the whole map [from corner to corner] and flag button "sound zone"
    Call this zone Miusic_Zone and marked her my cursor
    After [from menu tools] i import my sound file
    But this not working : )
    Maybe sound file is in a bad folder ?
  18. nadeauhugo

    nadeauhugo Author of FOT mod THE SUM Modder

    Mar 9, 2014
    File location does not count at all since you import it. The only thing that might prevent your music from playing is the code in the file. I will send you a working code to make sure you did the right thing. My guess is that you entered the .mp3 path incorrectly..
  19. nadeauhugo

    nadeauhugo Author of FOT mod THE SUM Modder

    Mar 9, 2014
    Here you go :

    You change "ambiant" with an "ant" at the end and not a "ent", with the name of your zone and it should work. Most of these options can be removed and it will still work.

    ambientSoundTable =

    ambiant_numOfFiles = {1} //How many sound files
    ambiant_random = {false} //Play files in random order true or false
    ambiant_file_0 = {music/custom/3_feet_over_my_head.mp3}
    ambiant_volume = {100} //Default volume for ambient

    ambiant_timeOfDay = {always} //When this sound plays: day, dawn, dusk, night
    ambiant_notTimeOfDay = {false} //So you can do NOT night and it will play all other times

    ambiant_zone = {Ambiant} //Limitation to a particuler zone
    ambiant_overrideZone = {} //Don't play this sound if in this zone, multiple zones are seperated by ';'
    ambiant_useRadius = {false} //this ambient has a position and radius
    ambiant_position = {Integer3(0,0,0)} //where in the map the ambient is - you can get the position for the sound in the level editor by holding the mouse over a tile and looking at the tiles bounding box.
    ambiant_minDist = {0} //Distance before volume starts to fall off
    ambiant_maxDist = {15} //Distance from ambient that sound cuts off

    ambiant_looping = {true} //If not looping we use minTime and maxTime
    ambiant_minTime = {20} //MinTime between non looping sounds (secs)
    ambiant_maxTime = {120} //MaxTime between non looping sounds (secs)

    ambiant_volumeVar = {0.0} //Variation in volume 0.2 = 20% variation
    ambiant_pitchVar = {0.0} //Variation in pitch 0.2 = 20% variation
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  20. bon007

    bon007 Bon

    Nov 14, 2015
    Ok thx but...
    I have sound/Ambient folder but no txt file
    Where should i put this code ??????

    - I create "ambiant.txt" file in [ Fallout tactics\core\tables ] section
    - My file MP3 in custom folder and new zone both calls "Track8"

    In my new file "ambiant.txt" i enter your code and replacement mp3 path to my filename

    OK WORK finnaly !!!
    Im stupid i import mp3 file instead txt hahahh
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