Do Nightkin have an increased damage perk? (FO2)

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    Dec 22, 2013
    I'm doing a runthrough of FO2 at the moment, and the mutant remnants you encounter near Mariposa and NCR are, as usual, a problem. But that makes the game fun, and encountering them isn't my issuer per say.

    What I am noticing though, is that the Nightkin with laser rifles are able to do more damage than the laser rifle itself is capped at. I am running RP 2.3 and Phobos' economy mod with YAMM.

    Laser Rifle Stats:
    DMG - 34-40
    Micro Fusion Cell Stats (once again, using YAMM):
    DMG = 1/1
    DT = (-) 3
    AC = -8

    When the Nightkin attack say, a Ranger in power armor, they are doing sometimes 40+ damage per shot (but usually no more than 45). How is this possible? I understand the ammo will ignore 3 DT, but how can it possibly do MORE damage if the damage stat isn't altered?

    I would appreciate any help. I don't mind a Super Mutant being super, but to have an arbitrary advantage seems too forced, and it this point I'm not sure of anything else causing this discrepancy.
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