Do you guys think a race of Intelligent Deathclaws would threaten humanity?

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    Jun 25, 2019
    So, I’m an advocate for the Intelligent Deathclaws in Vault 13. I believe there should’ve been an option for them to survive in the base game, and that Intelligent Deathclaws should return in the future.

    But, after talking to Matt (they guy in Vault 13 who wanted to destroy their eggs because he saw them as a threat) that brings up a question: Do you guys think a society of intelligent Deathclaws would actually be a threat to humanity?
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    Deathclaws are not on par with humans in terms of intellect and their physiology does not offer the same kind of handiness and dexterity that we have then there's the question of instincts and chemicals driving emotional reactions to the world around them and their long term goals which would differ greatly from them. Personally I think that deathclaws would be as much of a threat to society as humanity would make them. Reason why there's a lot of conflict and bad blood in between groups IRL is because of a series of events dating back god knows how long. Deathclaws don't have that history. Their history is very new so how humanity react to them will determine how hostile they are which in turn will determine how much of a threat humanity finds them. I doubt humanity would ever allow them to be treated equally though. Giant deathmachines with access to alcohol or other drugs? A deathclaw baby gets bullied and tears another kids face off? Too dangerous to allow them the same access and rights as people. Because Deathclaws... Are not people. Always remember that. Ghouls are human. Super mutants are human. Beastmen and Trogs are human. But Deathclaws are not human. Their brains do not work the same ours do. And that unpredictability is something a lot of people will find horrifying.
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    Dumb humans have proven to be a threat Humanity XD