Does recruiting Myron help or hinder the Mordinos?

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    Mar 3, 2018
    So I'm looking at the endings for Fallout 2 and I'm noticing that for New Reno, a major criteria for whether or not the Mordino family "wins" New Reno is whether or not you recruit Myron. It says that recruiting Myron (or killing him, but I don't want to do that since it grants the childkiller reputation) gives the Mordinos "+20" percent power, but it also goes on to say that this is a bug, implying that it should actually be -20, which would make a lot more sense. My question is, does the restoration project fix this bug, making it so recruiting Myron hurts the Mordinos as was originally intended?

    The reason I'm asking this is because I'm wondering whether or not, once I get the Highwayman, I should head from the Den to Redding, then to New Reno and then to the Stables to pick up Myron, and then finally go to Broken Hills and ditch Myron for Marcus. The other option would be to simply go back to the VC/Gecko area once I get the Highwayman and then head south to Broken Hills to get Marcus, never recruiting Myron in the first place. If anyone has any general advice as to which of this routes is better from a gameplay and/or story perspective, by the way, I'm all ears. Thanks.

    While I'm here, I sure also ask about another bug I'm curious about relating to ending requirements. The ending requirements for Vault City indicate that picking up the reward from Randal will give you the "VC joins the NCR" ending instead of the "VC independent, Westin and Lynette marry" ending, but it again states that this is a bug. Does the restoration mod fix this, and if so, is there any while using the restoration mod that you can both stop the raiders from attacking Vault City and have them join the NCR, while keeping both Westin and Lynette alive?
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    Pretty sure both UP and RP fix these bugs. You can glance through the readmes for the peace of mind.
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    Yeah, I tested it by just speeding to the end with the save editor and yeah, the RP fixes them both. I decided to just not give Lynette the holodisk.